The Frothers Gallery aims at bringing the best of Ocean imagery from Australia, and from around the World, from some of the most talented and water savvy photographers.


Founded in 2007, the Frothers Gallery has organically grown from its Australian roots into a global fine prints gallery that captures and sell images all around the globe. With every photographer comes a different style, a different view on the Ocean and what this wet World means to them. But all have one thing in common: their passion for the Ocean. From the breathtaking seascapes, to the underwater shots of the marine life, to the surf or any other gliding object, or the beach lifestyle, the Frothers Gallery documents with amazing images the life in and around the water.


Since the Ocean is what we live for, the Frothers Gallery is an active member of ”1% for the Planet’’ program.


Beyond the decorative purpose of the image, lies a hidden mission for our work: make our viewers to spend more time outdoors and to enjoy, respect as well as protect their environment.


Water is the ultimate source of life and infinite inspiration. The Frothers Gallery breathes where the Ocean lives.