What photo gear do you guys use ?

Well, this is a very often asked question. Given the variety of Photographers of the Frothers’ Team, the answer is: everything ! Some of us use (full frame) Nikon DSLRs, others prefer Canon, Lytro or Sony. Some exclusively shoot digital, and some of us occasionally shoot with film. In regards to the underwater equipment, we use mainly Aquatech sport housings, but some of us have been using other brands.

The message here is that regardless of the brand use, great photos can be produced…by the Photographers. The sense of composition, being there at the right place and the right time are features of the Photographers, not the cameras.

Some photos look too good to be true: are they real ?

Unless stipulated (like the ”after climate change” series of Sean Davey), we do not alter images. We process them. To keep it simple, when we shoot, we shoot in RAW format. This format creates a very neutral (even dull) picture that will then be processed in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop or equivalent. This means adjusting contrast, saturation, vibrance, …to create the final render. Back in the days of film, you could choose certain types of film to give you great skin tones for portraits, or vivid colours for landscapes. Today, processing the shots is like ”choosing the type of film”.  But we do not take yesterday’s sky and put it on today’s foreground for instance. We do not recreate something that did not happen. This is why we travel the World to get those amazing images, because they are not easy to get.The message here is that regardless of the brand use, great photos can be produced…by the Photographers. The sense of composition, being there at the right place and the right time are features of the Photographers, not the softwares.

Do you have a physical gallery where I can see/buy some artworks ?

Not at the present time. We have been/will be having pop-up exhibitions in different venues/shops, and we will be communicating the places and times on the website and in the newsletter. If you have a questions on the type of framing for instance or would like to see live examples, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or +61 (0)4 99 44 8464.

Is my print an exclusive print ?

Prints are not unique. They can be printed several times. However, we will be offering limited editions and special printing formats that will make each print unique or rare. There will be a dedicated space on the Frothers website for that. Stay tuned…

Do you sell the digital version of your images ?

No, we don’t. Copyright infringement and online stealing is unfortunately not a myth. Therefore, we cannot allow digital versions of the images to be sold, if we want to keep control of the use of our work.

Can I buy a Frothers voucher ?

Yes. It’s a great present idea actually. Many people love that as a gift, as it’s risk-free for the person who offers the voucher ! The best is to send us an email with the amount you would like to spend and we will organize the invoicing & payment for you. We will soon be having a ”voucher” section on the website, for your ease of use.

I am interested to use one of the Frothers image for commercial use: is it possible ? How much will it cost me/my business ?

It is indeed possible, providing that it would not be detrimental to the Frothers Gallery’s branding of course. As the rights of the images ultimately remain with the Frothers Photographers themselves, we will need to obtain their agreement first. In regards to the price, it is impossible to say, as many factors will have to be taken into account: media of use, time of use, kind of use, exclusivity, etc. The best is to contact us to discuss this. [email protected]. Indicate: commercial use in the subject of your enquiry.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We use traceable Australian Post shipments (domestic & international), or deliver directly to your door if you are located in/around Sydney, Australia.on product quality to save a day or two.

How long does an order take before it gets shipped ?

This depends on the kind of order. A simple print, is a matter of a couple of days. A larger size frame will take up to 3 weeks (usually 2 weeks), depending on the order pipeline. We are always trying to cut down on lead-time, but will never sacrifice on product quality to save a day or two.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Usually the shipping time are as follow: – International (USA/Europe/etc.): 7 days – 10 days. – Australia: 2 days – 4 days. These leadtimes would need to be adjusted for exceptional shipments (remote/less accessible locations or large size frames).

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Please send an email to [email protected] or call +61 (0) 499 44 8464 (Sydney time).

Do You Ship Internationally ?

Of course ! There are frothers are all around the globe !

How Can I Return a Product?

We won’t accept return, unless the product has been damaged or destroyed during transportation of course.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No, you don’t. However, if you are a Frothers daily newsletter subscriber, you will get access to special offers, promotions and limited editions.  Plus, you will be getting fresh amazing shots from Australia and around the World direct in your inbox !

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order

We allow 24 hours for you to change your mind.

Is Buying On-Line Safe ?

Yes. We operate with an extremely safe commercial and payment platform (WooCommerce & PayPal)

What Payment Methods Are Accepted ?

We use PayPal as payment platform. This means that you can pay by PayPal if you already have a PayPal account, or you can pay by regular Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card. For direct deposit, please contact us directly on +61 (0)4 9944 8464 (Sydney time zone) or [email protected]

How Do I Track My Order?

Initially, you can send an email to [email protected] to track the progress of your order. Once the shipment has left, you will receive your tracking number by email.