Franck Gazzola

I am a Sydney Eastern Suburb based photographer who specialises in ocean, lifestyle & travel photography. I was born in Paris where I started to shoot/process/print with film. Self-taught photographer, I then moved to Sydney in 2011, after living in different parts of the World for about 10 years, to embark on my full photographic career. Meeting Brad Malyon has been a determining moment in my career, with the start of an exciting and fruitful collaboration with Frothers. My work is layered by outdoor, lifestyle, water, surf and travel subjects. I love to be outdoors photographing in natural light. Nothing beats what Nature brings. I was awarded a 1st Prize at the Australian Center for Photography in Sydney in 2011 for a documentary portrait shot, and I am an accredited Professional Photographer by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

I am the Owner & Director of the Frothers Gallery, extremely happy and proud of the quality of this Team. I am confident that the Frothers Gallery will continue to amaze you with the rare quality and diversity of the images showcased.

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