Greg Rabejac

After a shot at the Corporate life, I decided in 1997 that my passion for photography was just to great to be a passion only. It had to become my job. Born and raise in Bordeaux and the French Basque Country, where the ocean/surf culture are extremely present, I naturally made the ocean, surfing, and everything around it, the heart of my work. I have been focusing on shooting mainly from the water, as well as trying to search for remote and less obvious destinations. The idea was for me to bring back new angles, in unusual landscapes. You may have seen some of my work in magazines, from the massive waves of Belharra, one of the two incredibly huge waves in Europe.

For many years, I have been collaborating closely with Surf Session (leading surf magazine in France), Surfers Journal, or brands like Quiksilver, or Oxbow.

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