"Snap", Just like that the wind swings round to the WSW for the start of the week and reminds us that indeed we have hit Autumn. The water is still very warm but if you head out today you'll need a wetty vest at least. It looked fun out there for the early. Small but it looked like it was picking up or pulsing. A handful of surfers were taking advantage of a fun right in the south corner at Bondi early but looking across the whole beach there are at least 4 banks to have a go at. Tama has also got a few worth looking at as well as North Maroubra.

We've been getting a few emails asking why we haven't been updating daily! The good news is that we can tell you that Frothers is getting a big make over. We are working hard to bring it to you sooner rather than later. We can guarantee you that your going to love it! Thanks for the emails!

While we are all sleeping tonight. The Tasman sea will be rumbling up a little feast for us to have a go at in the morning. If all goes to plan we should see some lines rocking into our bays at sunrise. Nicely groomed by a stiff SW wind. Oh yeah get that rubber ready! In fact it's looking the goods all week. Some nice long period South swell is also popping it's head up on the charts for later in the week! Yeow!!!!