The other land of the Lefts

Bula Frothers,

Beau here with a tropical update from the ‘land of the lefts’ – Fiji. I’ve got another stint as photographer on Namotu Island Resort.

Fiji really is a superb way to escape the chilly winter weather at home.. We’ve had a dream run for amazing weather and we’ve had some fun waves too. 

I missed City2Surf was on the weekend. I hope there’s still not too many aching muscles among you.





Hello Frothers!


The last few days have been a bit windy. Side-offshore winds though, so still ok to surf, but clearly the perfect conditions for the wind addicts.

A couple of Chilean kite/windsurfers rode the breeze and ruled the joint during the sesh. Lobitos turns out to be an amazing place for kite/windsurf wave riding. Taking photos helped me manage my frustration for not being one of those guys with a sail.

The wind has dropped now, and big barrels are back. Stay tuned !

Have a great day !




Hello Frothers!


I’ve found a little corner of paradise in Peru: It’s called Lobitos.

Busy, yet quiet. 5 different waves on a 3km stretch (all lefts though). Fresh bonitos from the fishermen’s boats. And sunset drinks overlooking at the Ocean from the top of the hill. You get the idea…

I know there are so many other spots to explore on this coastline, but I can’t force myself to move on. I’m trapped in goodness.

Have a great day !