Up-date 31st October 2014

Today was longboard day. Even better (or worse, depending on how you look at things): it was hipster longboard day. Big logs, tattoos, no leggies, single fins, waxed heads.

Justin, from Foam Symmetry (the best surf magazine to my opinion) made my day yesterday: ''hey mate, coming down with Matt Chojnacki, Jake Bevan, Makala Smith in Oz for a few weeks from Cali and Pat Capocci''.

All amazing riders. I was frothing.

It was tough to choose 7 shots. I tried to give you a flavour of the morning, but there is a lot more. A lot of waves got surfer, a lot of toes touched the nose, a lot of knees got dropped and a lot of turns were carved.

Perfect day outside. Leave work early !

Cheers !


Up-date 30th October 2014

Foggy, hazy, busy, sunny, wobbly, shifty…Those would be my pick of adjectives for the day.

The beach is so packed so early, it's great to see. Everyone seems to love the early sunrises. Shooting in Winter mornings can be a bit depressing at times, being alone in the cold, waiting for someone to show up and bring life to the pictures. Right now, it's the opposite: If you want a shot without anyone in it, then better rock up at 5:00am !

The Morning Mo Sistas were down the beach this morning for their photo-shoot, led by Charlotte Connell, a role Mo-del, when it comes to generosity and act of kindness. If you donate $20 or more (tax deductible by the way) or if a man gets a health check, you can request her and her crew to wear for a day any Mo you'd like. Pretty cool idea ! Just think about the nasty handle bars…http://mosista.co/wuffy

Let's hope for cleaner and slightly smaller waves that can be handled by Bondi or that would really break nicely in Tama/Bronte.

Have a great day.


Up-date 28th September 2014

It's great to see Art getting so much attention. It does not happen that often, and we're lucky it's happening on our doorstep.

I did not dare trying my luck on the weekend, but decided to venture around only today, hoping for less crowd. Success ! 

Where else in the World can you jog alongside the Ocean, surrounded by Art, and looking at dolphins cruising their ways trough the morning ?…Nowhere but here !

There are waves. A lot more wobbly than anticipated in Bondi, and a bit too South for Bronte. Still, it's breaking chest to head high and it's going to be 27 degrees: no excuse not to (try to) go.

Happy Tuesday !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 27th September 2014

If you haven't noticed, the human migration has started.

Tens of thousands lightly dressed male and females are making their ways down to the shore. They come in from a couple of km away or from the other side of the Earth, but like a magnetic attraction, it seems that all end up on our coast strip, whether for a day, or for a whole season…

Some come to feed their artistic souls, walking the coastal walk. Some come for a paddle with 250 of their best mates. All come for color coating, but a few leave the sand with red marks that will remind them all week what they did on the weekend: pass out on the beach.

Waves are small-ish but fun, especially in this weather. Tomorrow's forecast is looking promising. Let's see what Tuesday will bring us… 

Have a great day. Make the most the DST: wash your day away after work !


Franck (insta@franckgazzola)

Up-date 23rd October 2014

Colours and waves. If I had to describe this morning in 2 words, those would be my choice.

It is amazing to live in a place where you can wake up to pink, orange and red, go for a couple of waves, grab a coffee, and be in the City in a glass building within an hour…God bless Sydney and the 'Burbs.

Heaps of activity today down the beach. The bee-hive was buzzing full blast this morning. Everyone is getting in shape for the look-how-fit-i-am-and-how-cool-are-my-boardies season, and that's good.

Have a great day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)