Update 29th November 2010

NE windswell was on the menu for us last week. As a result the water temp got out of control, dropping to a ridiculous 16 degrees. You see the NE wind blows so hard that it literally knocks off the top layer of warm water and is then deflected out to see by the  "The Coriolis Effect" So the moral of the story is to keep that 3/2 steamer ready to go at all times this summer. We're now in the middle of a southerly buster, so warmer water temps should be back in the mix, but wave conditions are ordinary to say the least.

Sunday saw the first heat of the Miss Bondi go down in front of a full house at the Beach Rd Hotel. View the SLIDESHOW HERE Six lucky girls moved through to the final to be held on the 12th December. Heat 2 is on next week, 5th December at 2pm, so don't miss it.

By the end of today the wind should shift back to the NE where it will gain momentum once again and throw some more windswell into the mix. Wed/Thurs look to be the best. A little reminder about those wetsuits too; keep them handy! Have a great week frothers.

Update 22nd November 2010

It was a bit of a slow week and the weather was not too crash hot at all. If you were onto it there were a few waves to be had, although it was mostly windswept mush getting into our beaches. Bronte had a few while Tama looked the go for those late afternoon sessions after the flags went down. Most of this week's pics in the slideshow come from a session on Saturday at McKenzies. It was average to say the least but some of the Bondi groms were out there giving it a good crack.

There isn't much to report on the wave front for the coming week. We are directly affected by a slow moving high pressure system in the Tasman Sea. No good for making waves! We can only rely on localised NE wind to create a few ripples in the pond for the later part, where it may get up to 3ft.

A special mention to local lads Tom Whitaker and Blake Thornton who made the Semis and Quarters respectively in the Haleiwa Hawaiian Pro today. The event was eventually won by Joel Parko! Get your bets on him for the Triple Crown. Well done boys!

Update 15th November 2010

The past few days have been a massive wake up call… Summer is near and the hoards of beach goers are here and taking our car parks. The bus stops from Bondi to Bronte were bursting at the seams with people swarming over the foot path and track. Sculptures by the Sea has called it a wrap and Bondi has seen its first major brawl and police presence. Maroubra was a pleasant relief from the mayhem with a few waves getting through over the weekend, the groms were having a ball and its great to see the amount of talent in the water. Before too long we'll be seeing a few WQS contenders for sure coming out of the Bra.
The week ahead is looking to be fairly schmall and will be lacking substance. We will battle onshore SE winds for the best part of the week with only small dribs and drabs on the menu. Fingers are crossed for Friday and the weekend where we should see an increase in SE windswell hopefully reaching the 3ft mark. 

Update 9th November 2010

A word to sum up last week's conditions? Average comes to mind! Due to our 'average' surf we called on Sean Davey, who has come through with some great shots from the distant shores of Hawaii. Waimea Bay had its first swell of the season and Sunset got to a good 10ft. Sean captured it all. Although there was not much happening in Sydney's east last week, it was a big week for the worldwide surf community. On a high note Kelly Slater has taken out his 10th World Championship title and though this should be a moment of pure joy, the death of 3x World Champ Andy Irons has led to sorrow far & wide. Two moments in surfing history that will be remembered for vastly different reasons.
Sean's Hawaiian images should help you get your surf fix this week, as there is not much heading our way until late in the week. There's a 3 – 4ft NE windswell on the way for Friday and Saturday which could be fun. Have a DOOZEY week!

Update 1st November 2010

Last week was the week we had to have. You know we don't want to be burnt out just yet. Although being surfed out is a good thing it sure as didn't happen last week.  There wasn't much on offer at all. There only a few little windows of opportunity for the dedicated few. Bondi kept the longboarders happy while McKenzies helped the groms stay out of trouble for yet another week.

Sculptures by the Sea is on again and yep if your thinking about going for your daily coastal track run. Forget about it! The path is packed full of Sculpture enthusiasts so good luck navigating the bends for the next couple of weeks. Oh and your chances of finding a car park.

In other news KRACK KONCEPT surf shop on Campbell Pde is having a closing down sale. The guys are out from 15th November so this is your chance to get some cool threads at ridiculous prices as everything must be sold. Get in there sooner rather than later. Everything from boardies to leggies to surfboards must be sold.

Wave wise the rest of the week is looking average. There will be waves but nothing to get too excited about as the winds look to be constantly onshore from the SE. Make the most of it anyway and you might just be caught in next weeks update!