Update 30th September 2013

After a great weekend of waves it is back to normal for the start of the working week. Golden pancakes is all that is on offer this morning. Ok ok so it is not dead flat. In the south corner at Bondi you will find a couple of 2 foot runners rolling in that will get you by for the day.

The sunrise this morning was one of those ones that made you feel alive and a pleasure to be up at the crack of dawn! You should try it sometime!

Enjoy the day – Brad 😉

Update 27th September 2013

I knew it was going to be on early. So just after 5 am I rolled down the hill to Bronte and with a few other early risers I was a little bummed that the south swell hadn't quite arrived. But just as I turned to get back into the car – the first real set of the morning moved through. And didn't it look fantastic. Lining up on the sand bank just right! So on went the wetsuit and the 50mm lens into the housing and I was out there! 

The tide has filled in now and it is a little on the lumpy bumpy side. There is plenty out there though and well worth a paddle. 

Plenty more waves around for the weekend too. So enjoy! 

Cheers – Brad 😉

Update 26th September 2013

Terri Guillemets said ~ “A cloudless plain blue sky is like a flowerless garden.” I tend to agree, especially where landscape photography is concerned. Sunrises light up way more when the right amount of cloud is present.

Then again, if I’m shooting in the surf I always prefer it clear, because the ocean reflects the colour of the sky and the whiter the sand on the bottom, the bluer the colour, especially between mid morning and afternoon. The mornings we mostly shoot can tend to be a little green in the low light.

So much for the photography blurb. As far as the waves are concerned, there still isn’t very much on offer but I was surprised to see it rideable this morning. As the tide fills in, that will certainly change.

However, it is looking a lot better for tomorrow, the period jumps considerably and these strong winds drop right away. Could be time to ditch the log and break out the short board again.

Have fun!


Update 25th September 2013

One word of advice for today is to GO AND GET WET! Honestly the water and weather combo we have is amazing and well worth a splash. It will make you feel a million dollars. I promise!

The lack of swell will be with us for a couple more days yet. A south swell is due for Friday which will break the flat spell. 

I am not going to ramble on today. You have all the info you need. Now I am out there to swim a couple of laps of Bronte/Tama….

Have an excellent day – Brad 😉

Up-date 24th September 2013

30 degrees outside of the water. 21 degrees inside.

…It's a shame the swell is hiding from our shores at the minutes, 'cause it would have been a great day to go surfing. If you're picky, you might say ''yeah, well, there no sun anyway''. True that. But the water is divine and if you own one of those bulky, long and thick gliding objects, you could have some fun in those 1footer, with the odd 1.5 foot.

Chris and Ben have ruled the South corner this morning. Good on you guys !

I am now counting the days before Quiky Pro France…

Have a nice day.


PS: Sorry Ben, I realized I've written ''Bob'' on the pics' captions