Update 30th June 2011

Good morning. Nick Sheffield back again for the days report. It was a bit of a gloomy morning with lots of grey cloud hovering above, but there are a few mushy waves around the bends for those who were up early. Wave heights are around the 3ft mark and a hint of East direction in it, but the wind is still blowing onshore from the south east. The good thing however is that the wind has backed off from yesterday and there are some relatively clean faces for surfers this morning. Maroubra would be the pick of the bunch today.

Crowds were not really a worry in the water but on the footpaths it was business as usual for the morning joggers. Winds are due to remain fairly light onshore all day so if you can scope out a nice bank at the right tide you could score a fun surf.  

Have a great day! –  Nick

Update 29th June 2011

Hi guys! Bill Morris here. My first surf check update since returning from Indo and its freezing!!! Guess I'll get used to it soon enough. Its small and onshore on the southside this morning, pushing 3 feet of mushy south swell with Bondi copping the most of it. Nothing too great but there is a wave if you want it. Think I will jump in a steamer myself and test the water. Should be lighter winds tomorrow so hopefully a little better conditions on the way for all you frothers.

Its amazing how good you feel after spending 2 weeks in the Mentawai's on a beautiful boat. I was lucky enough to be on the Pelagic, skippered by good friend and Bondi local Mark "Corky" Coleman who showed us some great waves ranging from 4-10 feet. I got some good ones myself. This was a work trip for me but it certainly didnt feel like it. I was there to shoot Oakley's 2012 advertising campaign and they couldnt have picked a better spot to do it as far as I was concerned. It was a great success. Im happy to be home now and looking forward to shooting local and bringing you guys our daily reports.

Our gallery is open at 145c Macpherson Street, Bronte. Lots of cool goodies to check out if you're thinking of something for yourself or a gift for a friend or family.

Cheers Bill

Update 28th June 2011

Morning Frothers! Great to see a few waves about this morning huh! Even though it's a weak little windswell, it sure kicked the day off in the right way. It was good to be out there in the water getting amongst it with everyone at Bondi. Every time I put the camera housing together I never know what I'll end up getting, if anything. So it's always a risk, especially in the depth of winter, but sometimes you get one or two frames that make it all worth while. The winter curl image put a big smile on my dial, as well as the shot of Otis Carey carving hard on rail. This shot's a little different for me as he's normally always 6ft in the air. It was also great to meet today's portrait person Nathan out there! Even though he did drop in on his female friend – the shot is up by the way Nathan. Haha!

Bill Morris is back from shooting for Oakley in the Mentawais in Indonesia and he said that they had non stop waves for the whole trip ranging from 4 – 8ft. I can't wait to see the images!

The Frothers Gallery is open today so if you're in the area call in and say hello. 145C Macpherson St Bronte.

Cheers – Brad

Update 27th June 2011

I'm sure there are polar bears out there in the line up today. It was freezing this morning, yet I still saw numerous mad people jumping in to swim the bay in speedos and one piece togs. Well done. They're alot braver than most. The Tasman Sea is like a lake and the flat conditions look set to continue for most of the week, with showers hitting our shores tomorrow. There was only a handful of longboarders picking up some dribs and drabs in the south corner at Bondi. Half a foot waves every 10 mintues or so. Not worth getting wet for. Maybe take up a new sport like Dirt Filthin' this week. I had my first mountain bike ride last weekend and although I lost some bark it was well worth it. You have to have something up your sleeve for when the surf is flat. 

I also managed a night out this weekend at Bondi Massive located on Campbell Parade in South Bondi. A coffee shop by day and tapas style dining by night. It was sensational! Contact Wazza for bookings 9365 5738

Due to the lack of surf this morning I wacked in a couple of shots I had up my sleeve from last week. Have a great day and check in again in the morning. Cheers, Brad.

Update 24th June 2011

Sunny. Winds are westerly and light. Air temp 18C, Water temp 19C. That was the info on the Bureau of Meteorology web page this morning. And doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy! Its a cracker of a day out there and it looks like staying that way for the weekend.

Right on cue the swell has jumped up overnight to a funky 3ft from the south and surface conditions were pretty damn sweet early. Do yourself a favour and get in the water if you can. It's sensational. 

Make the most of it today or this arvo after knock off because it looks like Sat/Sun will be a bit smaller.

For a visual feast cast your eyes on this SURFLINE LINK. It will sure get your froth on. There's some tasty photos in there!

Have a great day and weekend. See ya on Monday! – Brad