Wednesday 31st August 2011

I have mixed feelings about it being the last day of winter. In one respect, its getting warmer and like most I hate the cold but being a surfer I also know that it means we're moving into what is regarded as the worst season for waves on the east coast (hopefully not this year) and because the water temp drags behind the seasons a little, there will probably be a few ice cream headaches ahead, especially on road trips south of Sydney. Its still the lucky country though, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

South Bondi is looking like an open cut mine right now with a huge, deep hole dug right in the middle of the hill, courtesy of Waverley Councils latest and greatest storm water scheme. If it improves the water quality after it rains, then Im all for it. 

The surf is still only small but the winds are light and the sun is out, so grab your board, wax it up and get out there! 

See you tomorrow Frothers. Have a great day!


Bill Morris

Update 30th August 2011

Good morning Frothers! Nick here, reporting from Bali. Due to the dismal conditions in Sydney I thought I'd share some of the Indo fun with you. Back in Bondi you are in for a day of small lack luster conditions, with 1-2ft waves being turned to mush by the slight onshore wind blowing. If you are desperate to get your hair wet perhaps give Bondi a shot. Or sit back and pretend you are in tropical Bali with me.

It was all happening here towards the end of last week. The SW swell peaked on Friday, as predicted, and the Balinese Pipeline put on quite a show. The lineup was busy with surfers from all over the world, jostling for a set wave and their few seconds of glory. Some guys waited up to 2 hours for a single wave. Jamie O'Brien rocked up for the arvo session and showed his years of experience in Hawaii, dazzling onlookers as he threaded through a few tubes with ease.

The swell has backed off to around 4ft over here, which has seen some great days on the beach breaks. I've had local lad Betet Merta showing me around the traps and ensuring we score the best waves possible. A great little session went down up at Canggu with Ben Godwin, Kamalei Alexander, Betet and Ben Short all finding their fair share of ramps.

After all this action I think it's time to put down the lens and get some waves for myself. Have a great day.

– Nick Sheffield

Update 29th August 2011

G'day to all our new subscribers this morning. Lots and lots of you. Thanks for jumping on the Froth train! If you were tuned into Channel 10 last night you would have seen Frothers get a start on Bondi Rescue – Watch Here Our server almost packed it in with numerous warnings of exceeding our bandwidth limit through the night. Might need an upgrade! 

Such a wonderful morning down at Bondi. I couldn't resist a swim, but by the time I swam out it had turned to fat burgers thanks to the incoming tide. Waves or not it's great in and worth getting wet. Winds will shift from the NW to SE later so now is your time! Great to see Beamy ( today's portrait ) back in Bondi. Beamy now lives on the Gold Coast and he was one of my favourite local surfers when I grew up and I can still remember him getting the sickest lay back barrel at Mckenzies many moons ago!

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Need I say more about TeahupooTahiti? Check it out

Phew – Big report today. Have a good one! –  Brad

Update 26th August 2011

We had a golden sunrise this morning without a cloud in the sky and light offshore winds, but at 8 am a weak southerly buster came and put a dampener on things and since have sent in a few gloomy looking clouds. South Bondi has the odd left and a fat dog right but I'd imagine that its all a bit mushed up now. All in all its not to much chop today.

Todays portrait is of Mr Mark Tipple from the Some of the best underwater images going around! We are collaborating together to make something cool – So stay tuned!

Its another lay day in Tahiti, the anicipation of this swell is getting out of control. We can't wait. Did you hear that if it gets too big for the comp they'll broadcast the tow session. Now that sounds rad…Check it HERE

That's all for now. Have a great weekend! – Brad

Update 25th August 2011

There was a feeling of excitement in the air at first light with the anticipation of cranking waves hitting the beaches, but the feeling was short lived. You could say it was the classic case of fools gold. Maroubra was receiving the brunt of the ENE swell and was mostly shutting down. North end had some fat burgers while southend was hitting the bank with a bit more muscle. Bronte is an option today as well with a few fat ones rolling through. It seems the sandbanks have a fair way to go before we see it back to its best. Still a great day to get amongst it. The sun is out in full force with an expected top temp of 22 degrees. 

Enjoy the day folks – Brad

Bill Morris is in the gallery all day today – he might possibly pop out for a lunch time surf but if your in the market for something for your wall, we're at 145C Macpherson St Bronte. Cheerio!