Hi Frothers!

A great morning down at the beach this morning…but I must say, I was a bit surprised (disappointed) not to see more rideable waves (close-outs mainly), especially after shooting some screamers last night at sunset. So I decided to put a few shots of last night as I think the waves + the light + the mist made for really warm summery images.

Today has got beach day written all over it. But rather early than late. We’re going to be well above 30ºC, so go enjoy a dip if you can.

D-Day -5 before Xmas: we still have some 2017 calendars, but stocks are going to run low soon, so go get your copy and put a smile on a frother you know for Xmas.

You can ORDER THEM HERE or go to the new concept store FIRST BASE (shop 13/180 Campbell Parade in Bondi – At the base of the Pacific building). If you want to shop ethically produced & stylish Active Wear, that’s where you want to stop by. Jump on their website to read about the big and small changes they’re doing to make a difference and how they’ll contribute to make your purchase carbon neutral. 

Oh, by the way, the PIPE Finals are on. Michel Bourez just took JJF out. Big surprise. Not the biggest/most consistant conditions, but still worth watching! 

You can also find our 2017 calendars at: Gertrude & Alice (Bondi), Chapter 1 (Bondi), Let’s Go Surfing (North Bondi), Dive Center Bondi (Bondi), Three Blue Ducks (Rosebery), Tamarama Cafe (Tama), & Vida Surf Store (Bondi). 

Have a great day!

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