Up-date 31st January 2014

Today is about the people that make Fridays Friday. The people of the stoke. The smiley faces, the fluro outfits that you thought only existed for 80's movies B-roles.

One Wave has striked again. They've overcome the lack of waves by an overdose of laughters ! They've made the sun shine even stronger in Bondi. They make people happy and make sure that those who are not are being taken care of, listened to.

So big up for those guys, who illuminate our beach every Friday, rain, hail or shine.

Now it is packing time for me. Monday, I'll be shooting in paradise, true paradise…But now it is about thinking of the best tactics to deal with airlines luggage policies. We all have to have a plan when we have a lot of toys to bring along !

Until I talk to you from the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, I wish you a great day, and an awesome weekend !



Up-date 30th January 2014

If you like them hot and sunny, then you’ll be a happy frother today !

The heat also woke up early this morning, the waves stayed in bed for a sleep in. They might be around a little later though. They’re a bit lazy today, after being relatively active in the last days.

The days ahead and especially the weekend are looking like A-MA-ZING ! So, can the Sunday roast at ‘’friends’’ that you don’t actually want to see. Forget about bringing the car for a servicing on Saturday arvo. Avoid the mall shopping in BJ. But make sure you organize the days around gliding and getting some colour coating.

Have a great day !


Up-date 28th January 2014

It's been a looong weekend (which I hope went well), and therefore, there's only a short week ahead. How good it that ?!

Today's weather conditions are great. And this amazing weather will run for the whole week. And this small E-NE swell that seem to really like the banks in Bondi should stick around for a bit longer. Hopefully, it'll give us these long rights that I could see this morning before sunrise in the South end, before the high tide swallowed it all.

I would like to apologize for last Friday, but my camera gear was missing in action. I was not able to get it back on time for Friday morning's report. And tomorrow, I am sorry to tell you that there will be no report. But that's for a good cause: my cameras are going to get a nice clean before going to paradise on Saturday ! When you head down to Namotu Island in Fiji, you'd better make sure all your gear is ready ! 😉 (4 more sleeps now ! Yew !)

Have a great day !


Up-date 17th January 2014

Another one of those perfect looking morning. The only thing really missing is an extra foot of swell.

It's going to be a quick up-date this morning, as I am currently inside the plane, waiting for take-off and pretending to the lady that I am about to close the laptop.

You can imagine then that I did not have much time to shoot and had forgotten my watch. But it was ok: as long as I could not see the Fluro Friday crew, I was still on time. 

I am sorry to tell you that there will unfortunately be no Frothers update until next Friday. I hope you'll forgive us for that.

Have a great Friday.


Up-date 16th January 2014

Golden light, golden water, golden morning, golden day…

Today is the typical day that even the late birds would appreciate if they’d put their alarms a touch earlier. It’s super warm, there is not a cloud in the sky, there are some small 1ft waves, with the odd 2ft, but a lot less clean than the last couple of days (blame the howling NorthEasterly last night!).

Still, it’s fun, and anyone would love being at the beach at the moment (except Beau Jones, who’s bored to death to be on holidays…believe it or not).

Anyway, it’s a fine day ahead, so go and enjoy it !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)