Update 23rd December 2011

The sun is shining right now! Dark grey early with no sunrise at all, before thinning and popping out at 8 am. The surf is still tiny but there is a buzz in the air about what's coming. It may even start to arrive right on Xmas Day. How exciting! There is nothing like paddling around for the late in a rising swell, while trying to keep down a massive Xmas lunch!

If you are looking at teaching your children some ocean awareness these holidays or you already have surf competent kids but want to take their level up a notch, Oceanfit are running some programs through January called “Oceankids”. Check it out.

It wont be long now before the wrapping paper is torn away and strewn about the room, making it look like some dump truck has just dropped it’s load at the paper recycling plant! Well, that is how it looks at my place every year after my kids have finished anyway.

Christie, Brad and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and happy New Year. We look forward to bringing you more spectacular images in 2012.

See you on the other side!


Update 22th December 2011

After a beautiful sunrise, the all too familiar cloak of grey came creeping across the sky, sucking away the colour and busting our Summer bubble once more. It's becoming monotonous and I can feel my vitamin D levels dwindling. Is it really too much to ask of Santa to bring back some sun? And maybe a six foot east swell as well? 

We may just get that wish, because even though it might not arrive on the day, Tropical Cyclone Fina has formed in the Coral Sea and looks like ending our year with a bang of northeast swell next week. Fingers crossed!

There is not much to talk about surf wise at the moment, so lets just stay focused for hopefully, that post Xmas surprise.



Update 21th December 2011

We are now well and truly into the countdown before Santa flies in and climbs down your chimney to spread his Xmas cheer! I am still trying to work out how he gets down mine, as they are all boarded up! Lucky he is a giver and not a taker as I would definitely be worried about my home security when he comes to town each year.

The surf looks very ordinary down at the beach this morning and I don't have anywhere to recommend but at least the sun is out right now. The forecasters  predicted rain? It would seem to be the safest bet lately.

We are doing a little re-cap of some moments over the last few months. Probably beats showing you the current terrible dribble.

Enjoy! I will be back tomorrow with a few more for you.

Have a great day!


Update 20th December 2011

Another glorious summer's day in Sydney (insert sarcastic chuckle here)! We've had quite a few tourists pop into the gallery and ask us when the postcard perfect weather is due to arrive – that's the million dollar question this festive season. The BOM is forecasting possible showers into the week, but if we all cross our fingers and toes maybe we'll have a sun shining Christmas Day!

Coastalwatch has forecast for the south windswell to pick up to 1-2ft this arvo, then to around 2-3ft at south facers tomorrow. But, my guess is most of you will be doing the last minute shopping dash with any spare time you have. Good luck! All I want for Christmas is for summer to hit, guns ablazing, in the new year. I promise I'll be a good girl next year! 

I hope you like the selection of Brad's images I threw together from the past twelve months, in this update. If it helps you can pretend they are from today.

Cheers, Christie

PS We're open until this Friday, between 10am5pm, at 145c Macpherson Street for your last minute gifts – with prices starting from as little as $30.

Update 16th December 2011

G'day from Perth. The last few days have been very dark and stormy, but there have been a couple of small waves around on the City beachies.

You see Rottnest Island is about 10 miles offshore and it blocks most of the available swell from the Perth City beachies. It is sort of like what Wedding Cake Island does to Coogee but on a much larger scale. In saying that if the swell outside is big enough and cranked right up the locals often enjoy a little slab or two.

In case you missed the surf check at home this morning. You have waves. 3 – 4ft of SE swell in fact. So get out there or try and knock off work early. 

I'm heading off to sea today. I'll be cruising around Rottnest Island and the SW coast of WA for the next couple of weeks during the festive season. I'm hoping to score a few waves myself, eat some crayfish and do some diving. So if you don't hear from me that's where I'll be. At work!