Update 29th December 2010

Staring back at me in the mirror this morning were a few extra wrinkles, which I have 2010 to thank for. Trying to get a grip on losing another year to the hands of time I had a flick through this year's archive – woo, what a cracker we've had! With the rebuild of the site we added a few new features and creatures including Bondeye Candy and a team of contributing photographers. The video & images that this talented bunch captured added a new dimension to Frothers – vibrancy, creativity and personality even during the flattest of weeks. We can't thank you enough for sharing your talents with all of us – Cheers! We love what Frothers has become – a place where we can share what's going on in the local community. Thanks to all of the contributing writers who have shared a little bit of themselves with us. 

The most standout moments for us this year were seeing the community band together for mates down on their luck. We live in a special place and are surrounded by some amazing people. Stay safe, Happy New Year!

Brad and Christie.

Update 14th December 2010

While the surf may not have been huge this week, the local events certainly were! Clayt's Day on The Hill was held on Saturday with everyone digging deep to help out a mate CLICK HERE On Sunday the sun shone and we had perfect conditions for the first annual Bondi Big Paddle event with the afternoon capped off with a beer at the Beach Rd for the Miss Bondi finals SEE THE PHOTO'S
In terms of surf we had some waves earlier in the week out of the NE but over the weekend it turned into a freezing lake but wasn't the weather just amazing. 

Our thoughts go out to Luke Kennedy editor of Tracks Magazine who suffered a horrible accident during the week at Sunset in Hawaii. We wish you a speedy recovery. READ MORE

Update 6th December 2010

Finally it seems that summer has arrived. While the water temp has been a little on the chilly side the East swells are just starting to fire up. Waves have been on the decent side for a few days now. Sunday saw a rise in swell that was welcomed with open arms but made it difficult at Bronte for the flock of swimmers taking part in Sydney's best ocean swim event the "Bondi to Bronte"

Heat 2 of the Miss Bondi "VIEW SLIDESHOW" went down to another full house and six lovely ladies won through to the final which will be held this coming Sunday. The latest Bondeye Candy video is up and features some sick surfing going down at Tama during the week.

The good times look set to continue with more NE lumps and bumps on the horizon. Everyone should be surfing most of the week! Check Coastalwatch