Update 31st October 2013

The beaches were briefly lit at sunrise by a thin, clear orange band which glowed across the entire horizon. The sky above was covered in a thick darkness of cloud and with hardly any wind, things remained that way for a few hours before the sun finally reappeared to brighten the day again.

The swell has dropped but with these clean conditions, there are still a few fun waves to be had. The water has warmed up as well to around 21 degrees, so before the wind picks up you won’t need much rubber to keep you warm out there.

Bondi's biggest surfing extravaganza has returned! AND THERE ARE STILL SPACES FREE IF YOU WANT TO SURF IN THE BEACH ROAD HOTEL SINGLE FIN CLASSIC this Saturday. You don't have to have a single fin, as there'll be plenty going around on the day. All welcome, including spectators – there'll be music, hilarious commentary, bad dancing (surfers dance before their heat), and surfing by Bondi Legends such as Cheyne Horan and Richard Cram. If you want to surf, email [email protected] (opens and masters/over40s, plus over 50s).

It will be HUGE!


Up-date 30th October 2013

The wind has swept the shorelines yesterday like there was no tomorrow. But there was a tomorrow (…today), but it left us with some fresh/cold air this morning, some wobbly waves in Bondi, and a few broken sculptures, especially in Tamarama (I feel sorry for the artist).

Bronte is the pick of the day if you want to go and catch a few. It's shifty, but you could get lucky. Unfortunately, it took too long between the sets for me to have the opportunity to show you a shot.

At the Tamarama Surf Club, there is a really nice exhibition or local artists, with quite a few Frothers shots on show and for sale, part of the profits going for charity. It's happening on the weekends for the duration of the Sculpture By the Sea festival. Come and say G'day and check the exhibition out.

Have a nice day !


Update 29th October 2013

Rippy little bowls were on offer at Bondi this morning. Plenty of options up and down the beach with a swell of around say 2- 3ft. A left and a right about midway was doing it while the tide was high but it looked like a bit of a paddle. I had one eye on the south corner too which looked half decent. 

Hold onto your hats this arvo as you can expect a fresh change due to hit town around midday. Looks like we won't be back to normal until Friday when the winds turn back round to the north. 

Enjoy the day – Brad

Update 28th October 2013

It’s been a while since we have had some heavy rain. The noise of it hammering the roof at some ungodly hour woke everyone in the house. Still it was something we needed and I hope it also fell on the areas still affected by bushfires.

The rain and onshore east wind early, put paid to anything really worth surfing and that was reflected in the ghost town appearance at all the beaches this morning. There were some ok waves to be had if you knew where to get them.

I borrowed John Botella’s soft board after he got out at North Bondi and had so much fun on the little left in the corner, all by myself! Thanks JJ.

Driving home I saw a good wave break at Mackenzies, so I hopped out there as well for another hours surfing on my own. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had two surfs by myself in the Eastern Suburbs on the same day.

I must be dreaming.


Update 25th October 2013

Sun and surf! The two magic ingredients that seem to brighten any day. The sun isn’t essential for a surfer but it sure feels nice as you cruise down the beach, board under arm, wetsuit half on, the heat warming your bare back.

The waves are still pumping with the swell swinging more out of the south now. All the beaches had good waves early, except for Bondi which was closing out a little on the low tide.

The wind has dropped and is moving around to the north, so it looks like a great afternoon ahead.

The weekend outlook is also promising with the swell predicted to get a little bigger. With Sculptures By The Sea in full swing, it could be time to hit the highway in search of something a little less crowded. Otherwise, good luck getting a parking spot because it's going to be hectic!