Update 27th September 2010

You know Summer is on its way when you can't snag a car park anywhere near the beach! While the weekend was warm and swarming with beach goers we had some cooler days earlier on in the week. The beginning of the week also saw the tail end of the big south swells which tested our sand banks. Bronte reef was looking the goods and everyone was stoked to have some waves about the place!

This week is shaping up to be ok as well with a rise in swell expected in the later half of the week, however the winds may not be too favourable. Time will tell!

You may have noticed that we have tweaked the site a little to house the daily surf reports done by our fabulous hosts Nicole, Christie and Ryan Clark. Be sure to check back everyday to see what the swell and wind is doing for the day!

Have a great week guys!

Update 20th September 2010

Welcome to our Bali Escape Edition of Frothers! I was over there shooting the Carve surf team earlier this month. We had some long days but as you can see they were well worth it. We timed it perfectly. After a few days of warming up at playful Canggu a nice sized swell turned up. It was on and we ran around the Island like headless chickens frothing. Luckily our little plan paid off, based off the forecast and predicted tides you can really make the most of the visit if you sit down and have a think. It helps a little if you know the place well or your with a Guru who's been there a dozen or so times.

It is such an amazing place, the people, the food, the surf. If you haven't been to Bali then grab a super cheap Jetstar flight and get over there! 

Special thanks goes to Col and his crew from Partama Surfing Tours who looked after us a treat and also Kubu Pratiwi Villa Canggu.

Back on home ground we have had some solid ones roll in over the weekend. A couple of our Frothers' photogs were out amongst it and we are going to get a midweek review up for you. So stay tuned.

We are looking at having a good week of sizeable waves ahead and if you haven't already checked them out we are doing morning updates on our facebook page. Let us know what you think.

Update 15th September 2010

While I was away in Bali it seems you guys have had a pretty good run of waves. I'm not sure if it beat kickin back in Indo but it's still good to have some swell for a change! The Frothers' contributors have done a great job of capturing what went down. In particular it looked like the groms at Maroubra had a ball surfing for Jeremy Wilmotte. The Bondi Rescue gang had their annual photo taken by Billy Morris, while Rob Gray caught some action at Porto Escondido in Mexico during a much deserved holiday.

Well, if you haven't seen the forecast for the weekend check out all of the details on Coastalwatch. It's shaping up to be a monster swell and there are going to be some knarly sessions going down over the weekend for sure! Luke and I are still trying to decide on where to go and shoot! If you're keen to have a dig just remember to know your limits. It's going to be dangerous and heavy. One thing is certain, getting out of town is your best bet in finding something rideable. If a road trip is not an option I suggest you wax up the biggest gun you own and have a dig at the Buckler. It might be on!

Update 6th September 2010

Last week saw the worst run of surf we have had in a while. We had a few waves left over from the weekend on Monday, then pretty much nothing! It was diabolical and not worth getting the lens out for. Mind you, the groms in the north corner at Bondi were making the most out of the milder weather. We've had a backlog of photos building up over recent weeks and we have decided this is the perfect time to give them a run. Jeremy Wilmotte has been in the Maldives of late and he has given us a few pics to keep us all frothing for the warmer weather.

After a weekend of mixed swell and conditions we can expect a small S – SE swell to be with us for most of the week. Winds look light enough all week to make for fun waves. 

Mal and Christie are off to Bali so expect a Balinese escape edition of Frothers next week! Enjoy!