Update 31st January 2012

There were a few really nice waves at Bronte for the late session last night. A few crazy slabs that only the better skilled were making and there were some heavy air drop wipeouts too.

Local hero and recently crowned Jim Beam Australian Club Champion, Caleb Reid was ripping last night and this morning, pulling some great aerials. The Bronte boys are on fire right now after their State team win last week. It’s amazing how such a small beach has such great depth in surfing talent. Go Bronte!

This El Nina weather pattern sure has the cloud pouring over our heads regularly this summer and as much as I love the sun, for a photographer, it’s really making for some nice colour in the sky with regularly beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Hopefully this weather pattern will produce a few more cyclones soon as well like they have been predicting.

I stole this little video from our friends at The Beast’s website. Marcus O'Brien is such a talented videographer, I really love his ‘Pure Bronte’ and ‘Hometown Tama’ vid’s he did last year. Check it out!

Have a good one!


Update 30th January 2012

That north wind was fresh last night wasn't it! It must have hit the 30 knot mark for sure. At least it has stirred up the pond and whipped up 3 ft of windy whoppers for us. 

Bondi is missing all the action. Tama and Maroubra will be where it's all at today. The wind has eased since last night and will continue to do so throughout the day meaning the late could be the shizzle. If it gets up to 30 degrees as forecast today you'll be amped for a wave!

Pipeline in Hawaii is pumping at the moment for the Volcom Pipe Pro. Check the LIVE BROADCAST.

Have a great day – Brad

Update 27th January 2012

I hope everyone had a great Australia Day yesterday. It was a fairly consistent and ordinary to start, with dark clouds and rain until lunch time, before the sun decided to made a couple of brief appearances just to show you it hadn’t permanently bailed on us for a different solar system.

I guess there are a few sore heads out there this morning and I bet a few of you have decided to make it a long weekend. If so, don’t expect to get too much of surf in to fix that hangover. Its mush buggers again I’m afraid with this horrible ESE wind back to haunt us.

The weekend should be just as bad as it has been for waves and weather but except the winds swing back to the NE tomorrow. At least that means you will be able to enjoy a sheltered, blue bottle free swim at North Bondi, if you are up for it.

Have a great weekend!


Update 25th January 2012

I didn't quite bound out of bed with a spring in my step this morning – it was more like a slow crawl out the door. I wasn't particularly hopeful on what this gloomy day would bring. But, it's funny how great moments happen when least expected.

As I trudged down towards the big blue I ran into one of my best mates, Luke Stewart, bumping my day up a notch. Our crew use to surf Tama everyday it was worth surfing, but these days team surfs are few and far between – Usually reserved for bucks days or the like. With juggling careers, kids and all that adult life throws at you, getting the crew together is becoming increasingly rare.

As I watched and waited for Luke to throw buckets at Bondi, Christie gave me a call from Tama saying that a pod of dolphins were rallying for an airshow. Once at Tama, my day took another huge leap upwards as the dolphins performed their best tricks for the dozen or so surfers and the gathered crowd of coastalwalk spectators. Maybe we should be more like the dolphins, taking time out of our industrious lives to hang out together in the surf?

There are a few waves around but it's not exactly cranking. We have an E swell hitting the wobbly 2 – 3ft mark with calm conditions. Bondi looked ok, 2nd ramp with a right running off the famous Backpacker's rip. Tama could be the go on the lower tide. Rain and thunder are forecast today with a top temp of 23. Lucky us, tomorrow is Oz Day and the perfect opportunity to get together with your own crew. Enjoy!

Please WATCH this video. One of the best live music performance's I've ever seen by Matt Corby in the Triple J studio.

Adios amigos – Brad

Update 24th January 2012

More lumpy bumpy action on the wave front this morning folks. It was a fairly deserted looking Bondi early compared to the usual. Apart from the crappy surf it wasn’t too bad a morning, with some nice pink clouds surrounding the horizon. The largest group I saw was the swim squad waiting for the Baths to open.

I did a run over to The Bra as Bondi was boring me to death. The waves were only marginally better there, with the Dunny Bowl having a few 3-4 foot peaks and a very mellow crew sharing the sets.

Watch out for the nasty blue bottles if you are getting wet today. They have a love affair with these ESE winds that are plaguing us right now. It’s a bit warm to wear a steamer for protection but a long arm rashy wouldn’t go astray.