Up-date 31st May 2013

If you wanted to get barrelled today: you were too late ! But if you wanted to enjoy the warm autumn light, today was the perfect morning.

What a strike ! You have no idea how much I enjoy this season in Sydney. Today ticks all the boxes for the perfect autumn day (on top of being Friday): a bit chilly at dawn but not too cold. Warm as soon as the sun is out. No wind. A few knee to waist high waves…and, thanks to the OneWaveIsAllItTakes crew, some good laughs in the water. Man, this crew is getting bigger every day !!

These guys should get an Award. A few costumes (a cow, a colourful pyjama, a ‘’Flashdance’’/80s dancer outfit, etc…) + their good vibes = they make the morning beach-goers/walkers/runners/surfers smile. Beware: their positive attitude is highly contagious.

Enjoy this weather as long as it lasts. Sunday does not look really promising…It looks like a good day to get cosy with your loved ones (or to get the kites out…) !

Enjoy your day and your weekend !


Update 30th May 2013

Well I am finally back into the swing of things. Our little baby boy Aart was born last Friday afternoon and as you can imagine its taken a few long nights to get our heads around. Thank you to all of those legends that have taken the time to write an email of congratulations to both Christie and I.

Now down to the nitty gritty. Of course I have missed the last few days of pumping Bondi, but this morning my appetite was quickly satisfied. Yes the swell has backed off considerably and is smaller at around 2 – 3ft but gee wizz it looked fun. There were barrels, airs, whacks – the whole works! It was a pleasure to be out there for the first time being a new daddy. 

Today I am going to go surfing just to top it all off. After I change a few dirty nappies of course.

Out there! – Brad 🙂

Update 29th May 2013

It was still and clear at first light, but not for long. The light north-west wind began to blow early, dragging it’s cloak of murky doom all the way from the harbour, through the valley and over Bondi. As the thick, grey blanket of moist air crept over the beach, visibility become severely restricted.

It’s not often I can say in my report that Bondi was ‘pumping’, but today that’s exactly what it was doing. I am convinced it would have been way more crowded if you had been able to see the lucky surfers pulling into the draining, 4 foot right-hander’s next to the baths. Huey must be over the early crowds, decided to hide the waves today from anyone not willing to take the punt and make the eerie paddle out through the fog.

Sorry for the late report. I found it hard to swim back in with the waves being as good as they were today

Now, let’s go surfing!


Up-date 28th May 2013

It’s pretty rare to be noticed though, and I must admit, I found it quite charming on the beach. I left the sands of Bondi just before it became thick and creamy, but it seems to have settled on the entire City by now.

If you’re one of the fews that decided to go for a paddle this morning, you probably scored a few good ones, overhead, if you were lucky enough to avoid the close-outs. Hardly anyone in the water (the fog must have discouraged most), and quite a few to be riden. Now, it’s not the surf of the year either: it’s shifty, and a bit choppy too. But the banks produced a few barrels on the South end of the beach. Go try your luck !

On behalf of the Frothers’ Team, I would like to congratulate Brad and Christie for the birth of their little guy: Aart ! I’m sure you will join me congratulating them if you see them at the beach or at the Gallery in Bronte (Christie deserves most of the credit though  ). Brad seems to be the happiest bloke right now, even if he’s running around between the hospital and Bronte (hence why we unexpectedly were unable to send an up-date yesterday), and despite his sleep deprivation !

Finally, I just celebrated my 1st anniversary as your Frothers’ photographer, and I can’t believe how quick it went ! I would like to thank you all, people from the beach (or not), for all your kind words, constructive feedback and encouragements ! You’re the reason why I wake up early with a smile !

Have a nice day !

Update 24th May 2013

A little ordinary out there this morning, not as cold as I thought but the wind is howling from the south and if you’re in its path, you’ll certainly feel it.

Bondi is a very messy 4 feet and I was extremely surprised to still see quite a few early surfers turning out to take on the horrible conditions. Most of them, however, were from the ONEWAVE crew, proving that rain, hail or shine they are always determined to put on show in the name of helping depression and suicide prevention.

Pigs might not fly but there is one thing I learnt today – Cows can do aerials! And there is also something about a man kite surfing, dressed as a bright yellow Power Ranger that makes you chuckle, no matter how bad the day might seem.

The sun is breaking through folks! It should be a nicer weekend.

Enjoy it!