Update 30th November 2011

Apologies for the late write up today. The forecast looked great last night so I thought I would treat myself to an early session. Turns out everyone else had the same idea. Most people in the line up were disappointed with what was on offer. But as always it only takes one good wave or turn and you will be stoked for the rest of the day. It's 2 ft at the NE facing beaches like Tama, Maroubra and Bronte. Make the most of it before that South change rocks up later tonight.

Just a word of warning before you paddle out today. Take some rubber with you. It's freezing. The Coriolis Effect is back and the up welling of the deeper cold water is playing havoc with our part of the world. I am looking forward to the change of the wind back to the south purely so the water warms up again.

Adios. Enjoy your day – Brad

Update 29th November 2011

That NE wind was up early huffing and puffing some little wind waves in our direction. It isn't much but just enough to keep us going for another day. The wind will freshen even more today and so will the waves, so get ready for a possible late arvo session. There could be some fun 3 footers around! 28 degrees forecast so hit the water.

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Have a great day! – Brad

Update 28th October 2011

It was a big weekend in the East. The Bondi Big Paddle went down in howling wind and rain but it didn’t seem to worry anyone as competitors gave it their all, producing some all time classic paddle battles. Congratulations to Whippet, Nicole and Gina for pulling off a great event in testing conditions. Race winners included – Duno, Bacon, Hoppo, Cory Oliver, Troy Quinlan and Pete Meyer. Big thanks to Ray White Unlimited, SUP Love and Bondi Icebergs for their support in sponsoring it.

By Sunday morning, all that nasty weather we suffered through for most of last week was gone and the sun was back to its blazing best. As a bonus, we were also blessed with a few, clean off shore N-E lines of swell.

A memorial was held and Bronte for one of the beaches great surfers from the 70’s, Gary Cronk. It was a huge roll up from the old crew and after a paddle out to spread Gary’s ashes, everyone settled into a great afternoon BBQ on the grass. Big thanks to Gary Mooney and Jay Carter for organizing the day and to Rob Bruns and The Bronte Boardriders Club for the loan of their equipment and support.

It’s going to be a beauty out there today, so don’t forget to slip, slop, slap. Have a great week everyone!


Update 25th November 2011

The dark skies and constant drizzle continue to roll through with no sign of easing. Only the real die hard's were out early this morning before the tide rolled in and killed it. Bondi looked like hard work with very weak wind effected 2 ft slosh burgers. On the brighter side it looks like the swell direction will swing round further to the E today and it might be wise to check back for a session after lunch. Good old Tama looks promising, while Maroubra should have a wave or two as well.

The Bondi Big Paddle is on tomorrow. If you back yourself as a bit of an ocean paddler then this is the race for you. Conditions are looking very interesting and it's going to be a hard slog back from Coogee against the wind. This is where the race will be won or lost! Kick off is at 8am. Registration is open from 6.30am

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Have a fun weekend! – Brad

Update 23rd November 2011

Hump day has thrown us an ordinary curve ball today. The weather has been dismal and I've got some soggy boots but, on the upside, we only have two more sleeps until the weekend! After aimlessly searching for inspiration out there this morning, I decided to dive into my hard drives and I've compiled some oldies to keep you interested. I've captured these images over the last 5 years since I discovered my passion for photography. 

The wind has shifted round to the south and from here on in the swell should build through the day. There should be some fun onshore lumps to hit at Bondi later on as the banks are in good shape. 

If the rain on the roof makes you feel dreary today I suggest diverting your attention to our image galleries. Not only can you daydream of sunshine and perfect waves, but a day like today is the perfect opportunity to finalize your Christmas order. To be sure your loved one will have their framed image under the tree on the big day, Christmas orders need to be in by next week. 

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Adios amigos – Brad