Update 29th February 2012

Summer has come up one day short. What a dismal, average looking day we have on our hands and to make it worse there is barely anything wave wise to waffle on about. Crack on with work or swim some laps in the pool like Will (today's mugshot). It's miserable!

Obviously it's hard nailing interesting images on days like this. Luckily though I had a couple up my sleeve from yesterdays sunrise at Maroubra. It was one of the best sunrises I've seen in a while and spectacular to say the least. Makes you sort of feel stoked to be up and amongst it all. To top it off I had a team surf with four of my best mates before heading off to work. Who won the heat boys?

The Quicksilver Pro is on hold today. Watch this instead! Very funny…..

All the best with staying dry! – Brad;)

Update 28th February 2012

If you’re not sleeping well in this humidity, join the club. It was a sticky one last night. I am day dreaming about some air-con right now as the sun heats up my office wall like an oven. Thank heavens for the fan I have blasting away as I type.

The sunrises have been pretty the last few days with patchy clouds filtering and refracting the early light. Making the choice of where to capture them is another story. There is no time to consider different options if you are rushing, half asleep, to an undecided location.

The swell is still from the east at around 2-3 feet, with Maroubra and Bronte catching most of it. The water has chilled a little with the consistent N-E wind up-welling the colder water from the bottom.

We look like getting a brief southerly change tonight which may bring some cooler sleeping conditions and warm the water a little, we will see. There is more rain predicted though, so get the washing done and keep the brolly handy.

That’s it from me today! Think I will watch a couple of heats of the Quicksilver Pro on Fuel TV and then hit the waves for a lunch time surf.

Have fun!


Update 27th February 2012

My fitness campaign has begun. The alarm clock set off at an early 4.45am today. Half asleep I found myself at Lifecycle Fitness out the back of Bronte RSL, sweating up a storm and my muscles already aching. Ryan Clark took me through my paces along with a dozen or so other frothing fitness fanatics like Ben Murphy, Trent Knox, Perth Standlick and super chef Matt Moran. For $35 a week and as many sessions as you like why would you not join up! I have a month in Bali coming up and want to be ready for Ulu's and outside corner. Just like the good old days!

As soon as I could see the first light I left the gym and headed to Coogee to get the sunrise. It looked like it was going to be a cracker but it fizzed out real quick with a thick blanket of cloud cover. Off to Maroubra and I was stoked to see some fun wind waves rolling through from the NE at about 3ft on the sets. Come back kid Quinn Darragh as pictured won the heat today with some swooping cutbacks, that he learned from all his time on Bronte reef, going toe to toe with Ryan Carr.

Enough jibber for one day. Enjoy!

PS – This is what happened last time I got fit and trained with Ryan Clark…Watch


Update 24th February 2012

Wow! These clear mornings are freaking me out! I can feel my vitamin D levels are going through the roof and it’s all legal! It actually feels like summer again but the truth is we only have a week of it left, officially anyway. Let’s hope autumn has plenty of days like this ahead.

Back to Bronte again this morning but the waves are practically nonexistent. It’s dropped, 1-2 feet at best with a N-E bump left on it from yesterdays wind. Yuck!

I had a little trouble with the switch in my water housing when I swam out, which was really frustrating as it was only firing intermittently, causing me to miss most of the shots I went for. Still, not as bad as flooding it and losing $6G worth of gear like my partner Brad did a week ago. I guess it’s only money and I’m sure not being able to shoot water photos is what is really bumming him right now. He has a new one coming, so stand by for some Malyon magic again soon!

Congratulations to The Bronte Boardriders who won the state division of The Jim Beam National Tag Team Championships held at Lennox Head yesterday, beating Bondi who placed 2nd, again! The rivalry continues between our beaches but Sydney's Southside rules. Maybe it’s time to bring back ITN. Bronte also came 4th in the national division out of 24 teams, which in itself is an incredible result considering a lot of the teams were stacked with world class pro’s like Joel Parkinson and world junior champ, Jack Freestone. Great effort boys!

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy!


Update 23rd February 2012

Where are the clouds? It’s kind of strange seeing that big orange ball breach the horizon line at the start of the day. I’m not used to squinting, so forgetting my sunnies this morning wasn’t so great on the eyeballs.

There are some clean waves around today as well. I had a little water shoot at Bondi, straight after watching the ‘run, swim, runners’ do their thing during the sunrise at Clovelly. I felt lazy sitting there, watching them run along the break wall, dive in with their shoes on and swim across the bay, run back around and do it over and over again.

Speaking of beautiful Clovelly, the wonderful people at Oceanfit are holding 3 swim events in conjunction down there this Sunday the 26th. Starting with a kids event kicking off at 8am. It will be a great day, with prizes on offer, including a beautiful "3 in 1" framed print that Frothers have donated for a major prize. Get your togs on and get down there! Its going to be a cracker! Click HERE for details.

If you are not making the most of your time at the beach this time of year, you’re off your rocker! It doesn’t get any better – not too hot, the water is magic and the waves are usually starting to come on as we begin to move into an autumn pattern again.

It should be nice for the next 3 days folks, so make sure you get amongst it!