Up-date 14th November 2014

A scorcher is in the making. Some say 33. Some say 37. I say hot enough to run for a dip after work !

The air was wet and even a bit sticky at sunrise. Nonetheless, a great day to start your morning down the beach: fun waves, plenty happening on the sand and around. One of the shots has been taken at 5:59am. How many place in the World see that many people up and running (literally) that early ? Very few, and we're lucky to live in one of them, where we actually get a life before work.

I did not have the time to go for a swim with the camera today, and I was hanging around the South end. I don't think I'll ever get tired of the Icebergs. It really brings something so unique to the landscape: I love it.

The weekend is approaching fast now. I hope you get some time to think about your Xmas presents. If you're thinking about some amazing artworks, I'd say that I really like your thinking, and I'd say wait for another week: the Frothers website will have plenty to satisfy your arty appetite. More coming soon…

Have a great day !



Up-date 13th November 2014

The Sun's been playing hide & seek lately…

I expected a nice colourful sunrise, and I must say I was a bit disappointed. It's funny how you get used to perfection in this part of the World !

The swell is sticking around. I ventured to Maroubra, but the wind was messing around with the waves a bit. Difficult to find a nice runner there. Bondi actually looked a lot better.

This afternoon, at 5:15pm in Bondi, don't miss this exceptional gathering: Bondi will be saluting the G20, sending a powerful (and humourous) message to Tony Abbott. How ? Well, the whole beach will be covered by people ''doing the Tony'' about Climate Change (that Tony Abbott refused to put on the agenda of the G20). That's right, people will be putting their head in the sand ! All of them ! Check it out here !

Have a great day and see you at 5:15pm at Bondi if you can leave early.



Up-date 07th November 2014

Sorry for the late update. But I have an excuse…I had things to do first:

My ozzy friend Matt is in Town. He lives in Amsterdam, and hasn't been back in Australia in 5 years. Matt ''gave me the keys'' to Australia, and if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be here today. So, as he's staying in Bondi for a couple of days, I owed him to take him around and  try to make him home sick, in the hope of seeing him move back to Oz shortly. 

To do so, I took the day off for him. We started by watching the sunrise. He went for a paddle while I was swimming with the camera. After a quick rinse, we went for a coffee, at Chapter 1, facing the Ocean. A bacon and egg later, he said to me: ''man…..this is the life…..''

Mission accomplished.

Have a great day.


Up-date 05th November 2014

It seems that the bulldozers that have been pushing sand out to the Sea have ruined the banks…Can anyone stop them from doing more damage ?

The result of having a flat beach: with water in the bay, only the South end has some decent waves. This means you'll find one of the highest concentrations of pre-work wave hungry surfers in the World ! It's like being in the 8:15am lift going up in the office, or the 5:01pm one going down. You just want to hold your breath, and pray for no one else to get in between the top and the ground floor.


But tell me: how did you go yesterday with the horse races ? Any winning tickets ? If you have scored a ticket with N#5 on it, you might have a couple of spare dollars in your pockets. I'd suggest you keep those few dollars aside and come do your Xmas shopping on the new Frothers website in a couple of weeks. There will be a lot of exciting new stuff !!

Have you heard the rumour: Kelly would have injured his foot at Cloudbreak whilst shooting footage. Apparently, nothing threatening the upcoming amazing battle in Hawaii. I hope so. It's going to be such a great show…

Enjoy the day !


Up-date 04th November 2014

Today, a lot of money is going to be won by a few, but a lot more is actually going to get lost by many. 

Bondi is exactly like that this morning: hope for the best, but be ready for the worst. Paddling out is a gamble. Rewarding, if you're lucky, with well overhead sets and opened shoulders…but often, what you'll get is a bad beat. Catch you breath, and cope…

Have fun today. Try to stay (fairly) sober so that you don't miss tomorrow morning's surf. Things should start to improve.

Have a great day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)