Update 31st October 2012

Good morning to you! The waves are tiny but it's perfect for a longboard at Bondi today. You know – just a lazy cruise kinda thing. A bit of UV action on the face and a little splash around just to say you got out there and jagged a couple. 

Bondi has a couple of fun banks. It seems very tidal though and seems to be best  on the mid to high tide. It's low tide all arvo so that might not suit the afterworkers

Hope you get to enjoy this sunshine. 

Ooh, I almost forgot. It is fresh in the water. Take some rubber with you! 

Back tomorrow – Brad! 

Update 30th October 2012

Surfing is one of those activities that either becomes addictive straight away or you try it, get disheartened by its difficulty and move on to something else.

Riding a wave is one of the hardest things to learn and if you didn’t start young you will need a lot of determination to just catch a one foot wave, get to your feet and stay there for a while.

You can pick up skiing or snowboarding in a day but the mountain doesn’t move like a wave does and that’s the whole point of attraction right there – riding a moving lump of oscillating liquid energy. It’s a buzz!

Bondi was L plate heaven this morning and there was no shortage of keen beginners trying their hardest to crack one to the beach. Amongst the drop-ins and nose dives, there were some great long rides by people who were clearly struggling to just stay upright. Those same people would be at the office right now, still buzzing from the rush of riding a wave.

If you want to see surfing in perspective and take in the extreme, Tim Bonython is having one last showing of his award winning surfing movie ‘Immersion’ presented by Frothers at The Randwick Ritz this Sunday 4pm. It’s the best surf movie I’ve seen and I’ve seen them all. Click HERE to book.


Update 29th October 2012

It’s been a busy weekend around the Bondi to Bronte stretch with Sculptures by the Sea creating havoc on the roads and parking. The surf was up at least and even though it was a little on shore for most of it, there was still enough action for the weekend warriors to get their fix.

A few of our super fit Bondi Lifeguards put in a huge showing at the IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast over the weekend. Bacon, Reidy, Quinn and Whippet all completed the grueling distance in good time. Well done boys, those mankini’s looked great on instagram too.

While it seems like we will finally be suffering some Spring time wave doldrums this week, think about our American East Coast friends as they batten down the hatches for what is looking to be the biggest storm in 100 years to hit their shores. They have had some great waves in the lead up but it looks like things are about to get ugly.

Hurricane 'Sandy' dubbed ‘Franken Storm’, because of its incredible size, if this thing was sitting off our east coast, it would cover an area exceeding Brisbane to Melbourne. Now that’s a storm! Click HERE for a look on what’s been happening before it hits the fan.

Have a great week!


Update 25th October 2012

There is something about Maroubra that I love.

Besides offering the best waves on the south side of the harbour, most of the time, The Bra definitely has a slower feel than the beaches of Bondi, Bronte and Coogee. And even though it still gets crowded, it’s a longer beach with more surfing areas, which helps spread the pack out a little more.

The banks have been slowly improving over too and the last couple of days have enjoyed some good waves. There was some serious ripping going on for the early today with the local pro’s and hot groms out, making the most of the new east swell. The Bra will be the pick for size today but with a strengthening N-E wind, the north end will be the only real option for a clean wave. 

For all you frothers who have not yet seen Tim Bonython’s amazing award winning surfing movie ‘Immersion’, you have one last chance before it heads overseas for the X-DANCE FILM FESTIVAL in the US. Due to popular demand, Tim has booked the Randwick Ritz for one last showing on the 4th November at 4pm. Don't miss it! Check HERE for details.


Update 24th October 2012

I just couldn't bring myself to leave the beach this morning. It was sensational down there at Bondi. It's not often when you can say you have ticked all the right boxes to have had a great day before 9am. Today it happened for me and I hope it did for you guys. A beautiful sunrise followed by a swim in the ocean was exactly what I needed. 

As you can tell by the collection of images, the conditions were ideal for the early session. Light NW winds with an ESE swell is a good combo. The NE wind will fluff about a bit later on so it's best to hit it as soon as you can if you haven't done so already. 

The next few days look the goods for waves. Now isn't that nice to know! 

Enjoy the day… Brad