Update 30th August 2010

What a cracker of a week! Sunshine and blue skies for days, a great opportunity for us to dabble with daily video surf reports. We have had some extremely positive feedback, and would like to say thanks to all of you frothers who are behind us! If you see Luke and Christie filming the daily report down at the beach don't be shy, go and say hello! For those of you who are hearing the words "daily video surf report" for the first time, get onto our Facebook page here and check them out.

We had some little waves to play on during the working week, but nothing spectacular. After our warm start to the week, and with only a few days of winter remaining, Jack Frost blew in a stiff SW wind on Friday. The frosty temp and lack of surf left Bondi deserted, a breather before the swell over the weekend. As expected the swell came up on Saturday morning, reaching the 5-6ft range in the arvo but was somewhat wind affected in the arvo. Sunday saw some clean 4-5ft waves early before backing off slightly through the day. The north corner at Bondi was the most popular with a count of 50 heads at one stage.

There isn't too much to look forward to swell wise this week. An air temp of 25 on Wednesday looks the goods so make the most of it Frothers! Some great shots this week, especially from Bill Morris and Andrew Gorton. Enjoy!

Update Monday 23rd August 2010

Beautiful sunny skies in the lead up to Spring this past week. You can smell it in the warmer air, she's just around the corner!

With a bit of variety in terms of surf conditions, Tuesday and Wednesday were the bigger days. The surf slowly dwindled away in the later part of the week, until Sunday when we had a little bump in short range southerly swell. Most of our stretch was being utilised, with waves at both Bronte and Tama, plus smaller ones coming in to Maroubra.

There is not much to look forward to this week, although Thursday is a possibility with a 2-3ft short period south swell. So, even if the surf isn't doing much, get out there and enjoy the warmer weather in the prelude to Spring!

Frothers' photog Brad has been out of action this week. Thanks to the rest of the team for holding down the fort, especially Billy Morris. One of the best and most experienced surf photographers in Australia, Bill has been out and about this week capturing the action. If you see his head bobbing out in the line up, or on the beach with his machine gun like set up, go ahead and say G'day!

Also be sure to check out this weeks update from Bondeye Candy. We reckon they just keep getting better and better and hopefully gives you a little insight about what it was like in the water the past week around town. Cheerio and enjoy the week ahead!

Monday 16th August 2010 Update

We had every colour of the rainbow this week. Beginning with small waves on Monday & Tuesday. An east swell was on the charts, and it came to fruition on Wednesday. Bondi had a couple of rippable right handers, by all reports Maroubra was good and Tama  went off for the late. Then the surf went pretty much back to nothing when we woke on Thursday morning. 

By the afternoon the first pulses from the new south ground swell started to show up. And it hit with a punch on Friday the 13th! All along our Eastern beaches we watched 10ft beasts surge to shore. For those of us lucky enough to sneak away from work there were only a few options. Fairy Bower, on the North side and a few South Coast breaks were on fire! Frothers' photog Brad Malyon and Bronte madmen Luke Daniels, Ryan Clark and Liam Taylor managed a trip down south, where they were rewarded with perfect 6ft barrels.

Best of luck goes out to Tom Whitaker and Blake Thornton as they head to Tahiti later this week. They both need good results for any chance to make it through the cut off! Good luck fella's. While on the topic of the ASP, Bondi's Perth Standlick has won two Pro Juniors in a row in Japan. Great work mate! 

There looks to be a little something building from the south on Tuesday and it should be looking the goods for Wednesday morning. Is that the sound of someone frothing. Enjoy the week and happy surfing Frothers!  

Monday 9th August Update

Although the week started off a bit slow, with near flat conditions on Monday, most of us held out hope that things would improve. The southerly hit Monday night and it packed quite a punch! With Bondi's tent city torn to shreds overnight, we woke to 6 – 8 ft windy woppers rocking in. Wednesday was probably the best day to have a wave, with a few lucky early birds sharing some waves with dolphins at Bronte and Tama. Make sure to check out the shots in this week's slideshow.

The Frothers' team would like to send out a big congrats to Tom and Yolanda Whitaker, for the birth of their new little man Fynn Winter Whitaker last week. If he takes after his daddy we'll see him ripping up Bronte reef in no time!

Hit the link to check out Bondeye Candy's weekly vid. With this week's music coming from Black Taj, the song is 'Fresh air traverse' from their album 'Beyonder'. You can purchase it HERE through itunes if you like what you hear.

The surf looks to be pretty good all week, so get out there and get your froth on!

Update 2nd August 2010

Well, what a mixed bag we had last week! We started off with a fair sized swell from the SE which kept most of us amped, but closer to the weekend things got a little on the small side. The longboards were out in full force over the past few days with Bondi's sand banks turning on a bite sized treat. 

Wednesday morning at Tama was the place to be, as the swell straightened to the East and cleaned up overnight thanks to a nice NW wind. Tama stalwarts Duncan Lovely, Derek Recio and Andrew Chapman all took advantage of the little surprise package before work! Christian Besserra also nailed a couple in between the above mentioned trio's rampaging Tama tactics. Luke Mussett caught some great action around the traps this week, so check out Bondeye Candy's video footage HERE.

By Tuesday morning we will see a big increase in south swell that will last throughout the week. It's not going to be anything special and far from perfect as it looks to be only a 9 sec swell period. Wednesday and Thursday look to be the pick this week with the wind expected to swing back to the W/NW. So get out there and enjoy it. We think a sneaky trip down the coast to a protected reef break may be in order!