Up-date 31st December 2013

This is a wrap up, of a year that went like….that !

But soon, before we've even cured our hangover, there would be the start of another chapter, with new objectives, new resolutions, changes, etc…Some will last. Some won't. That's how things usually roll…;) 

But before we start the new chapter together, I wanted to take a look back at 2013. Selecting 7 shots to give the snapshot of a full year is a tough gig I must say. But here there are, in a chronological order, as I struggled to put them up in order of preference.

From Bondi, to Byron, to Namotu (31 more sleeps before I return !), to New Zealand, or the US, it's been a pretty intense year of photography for me in 2013 that I hope you were as happy to view as I was to share.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the Frothers' followers, supporters, likers, sharers, buyers. It's a pleasure to read your comments, share the froth with you in the water, or know that you're stoked by the fact that you've just hang a large print in your living room. All of that feeds my motivation to shoot more and better.

We'll be back on the 6th January 2014. Till then, I wish you all a great NYE celebration. Be crazy, and keep frothin' !

Franck (Instagram: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 30th December 2013

How was your Xmas ?!

As it's a rhetorical questions, since you can't actually answer me, I'll tell you quickly about mine, and the little trip I took up North.

Long story short, after the rain and the wind…and before the wind again, there was one of those days: perfect 3ft. Offshore all day. Wave after wave after wave. Summer at its best. Add on top of that, a pod of very serious dolphins passing by who did not even think about wearing a red nose and the rein deer antlers, followed by an amazing sunset, and you've got the perfect magical Summer day. In those conditions, Seal Rocks…rocks !

Last up-date of 2013 tomorrow. I can't believe how fast it went. I feel like taking pics of the ''shark alert'' last year in Bondi on January 1st was yesterday !

Have fun today. There is a great sunny day ahead…and there are waves to be had !


Update 24th December 2013

Merry christmas everyone! I hope Santa is good to you all. That's if you have been nice that is! 

This morning wasn't exactly what I was hoping for weather wise for my last report of the year. I shot a few frames early in the bleak onshore conditions but I soon felt the need to go and enjoy my morning coffee and look through my archive of images for the year. So today I bring you a few of my favorites from 2013. 

A year that I tied the knot to my lovely wife Christie, became a dad to my little champion of my world Aarty and had an awesome boat trip to Indo with 8 of my very best buddies. 

I hope you all have had a great year too. Thanks for tuning into my reports for 2013.

PS – If you like your big screen surf movies, then we have some good news for you. On the 2nd January at Randwick Witz at 4pm Tim Bonythons new epic film is on. Some of the scariest most dangerous waves you will see. It's worth a look! Just click on the link below….

Merry xmas – Brad

Up-date 23rd December 2013

Dear Santa,

I have been a really good boy this year. I have not missed my shifts, I did not drop in on anyone (intentionally), …I have been real good. Therefore, I would like to do my Christmas list, to give you ideas for my presents. I know it’s a bit last minute, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of staff (elfes) to help you. So here below is what I want for Christmas. I want:

– Some nice waves all year round (not like the mushy swell we’re having today)
Frothers artworks in every home in 2014 (even if you’ve missed Xmas, we’ll keep some for you !)
– A trip to paradise (I know that Namotu is already on the map for February…but why not something else?)
– The Malyons family to be happy
– Billy ‘’the stuntman’’ Morris to recover quickly
– Some Sun for Xmas day and Boxing day (I know this one is very last minute, but I saw the very poor forecast last night, so I reckoned I’d add this one to my list)
– The vibe in the water to remain friendly, even when the line-up is crowded
– The ASP World Tour 2014 to be as crazy as this year
– My family to be in great health
– My wife to remain as patient as she is when I travel with her…and all my photo gear

There is nothing unreasonable in this list, so I think it shouldn’t be a problem for you to organize.

Thanks Santa ! And don't forget to keep yourself cool today: it's gonna be 34 !

PS: if you don’t give me all the above, I might have some deer on the barbie for Chrissie. No pressure.
PS2: instagram: @franckgazzola

Up-date 17th December 2013

Another cracker day has started in Sydney…and if you live by the beach, you must’ve had a bowl this morning, whichever your fix is.

There are waves, but they’re small. Or they’re big, if you’re really small. It’s all relative.

The sunrise is early right now. Really early. And the work Christmas parties seem to be taking their tolls: the beach really start now to fill up at about 6:15am…hardly anyone before that. What happened to the 5:45am run ?!…You’ve been drinking too much again ? 😉

It’s been difficult to select the shots of this morning session, and I know some of you may be disappointed not to feature, but don’t worry, I got you covered. So, Nick, Isabelle, JJ & son, I have more of you guys: contact the gallery at [email protected] and we can work it out. You could add ‘’Frothers selfie’’ to your Xmas list !

It’s only one and a half foot short of perfect. So, get the longboard out, go for a swim: you won’t regret it.

Have a lovely day !