Up-date 30th May 2014

Gloomy, dark and uninviting. That's for the weather. Happy, colourful and fun. That's for the vibe !

The One Wave crew is getting bigger, stronger, and ever happier ! And today, after gathering in the dark at 6:30am, they made a warm welcome to a returning member: Chris.

Chris is disabled and deciced again to leave the wheelchair on the beach. Supported by the One Wave team, he went for a couple of waves. I struggled to determine who was the happiest: Chris or the Fluro guys ? Hard to say. But both were on a high.

Why did Chris come this morning ? Well that's easy: he came last week for the first time and loved it. So, when he was asked yesterday whether he wanted to go for a swim or for a surf, he said right away: ''For a surf !!''.

See: one wave is all it takes !

Have a happy Friday !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 29th May 2014

Chilly Autumn feeling, but another blue morning that got everyone out of bed for some kind of roam around the beach. Walk, jog, run, paddle boards, SUP, kayak, longboard, shortboard, skateboard, push bike, you name it ! There was a bit of all of that !

The swell is on the very small side, but it's clean and fun. The offshore breeze has done its work !

There should be a bit of a small pulse coming our way for the next couiple of days, but with some unstable weather too…Let's see.

Have a great day!

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 28th May 2014

Within an hour, it went from night, to coloured sky, followed by a pretty dull half an hour, to finally bright sunny !

To witness this daily lottery (Is it gonna be amazing ? Are we gonna see some whales ? Dolphins ? Is it gonna rain ?), a pretty big group of watchers gather on top of the cliff at Marks Park. You had to be early to see anything exciting today. Colours came and went, just like this. A thick layer of clouds ruined the show a little bit.

Anyway, I decided to put the shots in the chronological order this morning. From before sunrise to 1 foot waves and the sk8 park. I skipped the lame photographic episode of Tamarama where catching a good wave was as challenging as taking a decent picture. Bronte had a couple of waist high runners, but with the higher tide, it might pretty disappear altogether.

Have a great day, Frothers !


Up-date 27th May 2014

That was a short Winter, wasn't it ?! Back to Summer today with 28 on the dial.

Tuck the wettie in the plastic bucket, and pull out your boardies from the bottom drawer. Get a tan, go for a surf, and enjoy this fine Summer day !

To top it up, there are some fun waves: it's clean, offshore, and tend to close-out in Bondi, which means it could be quite nice else where: Tama/Bronte or Maroubra.

Enjoy Summer while it lasts…

Have a great day.

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 26th May 2014

What a delight to be back in Australia, and in the Eastern Suburbs again…

After one week in China, I can tell you that it makes me even more appreciative about where we live. This corner of the Earth is a jewel, and the job, the day to day, the stress of the City, the kids, …make us sometimes forget about it.

Today seems to have been a ''same same but different'' to the last week's series of amazing mornings. I was just looking for the whale (I had taken the big lens for it), but it didn't show up today. There was no girls on SUP to impress, so it must've postponed the next visit to Bondi.

It's Monday, it's sunny, there are some 2 to 4 foot waves if you are smart picking the right ones….what else could we ask for?

Have a nice day!