Merry Christmas!

Hey Frothers !

Well, that’s already a wrap up for 2014. Where did it go ?

It’s been a busy year for the Frothers Gallery in 2014. We’ve pressed the reset button, and 2015 is looking amazingly promising, with this great new Team, and whose members will be going through all kind of wet adventures in the next 12 months. Stay tuned!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support. Your comments on the website/facebook/instagram, your smiles at the beach, your nice words, your crazy happy sms’ after your delivery has been received. All of that is our sense of purpose. So, thank you !

We’re doing a one day xmas eve sale to celebrate the 2014 year end: -20.14% discount. Only available today. When you check out, just type: xmas

We’d like to give special thanks Jozz, for all the work done so far, Axel from for the amazing efforts put in putting this new Frothers Website, Joris, to the Malyons and all the Frothers Photographers.

We wish you all a great Xmas! We’ll be back on the daily on January 5th.


Franck & the Frothers Team

instagram: @franckgazzola / @frothersgallery

Nice To Meet You!

Hey Frothers !

I am very happy to be a new member of the Frothers Gallery and honoured to be in the company of some amazingly talented photographers.

I am a Peruvian artist, inspired by the ocean. I grew up in a small coastal town south of Lima, Peru called San Bartolo.

I have surfed and lived by the ocean all my life. I have a deep connection to the ocean and have always been fixated on the kaleidoscope of colours it produces, its raw energy and unpredictability.

I am always trying to express my creativity. Initially this was through drawing and painting but as of the last several years I have been fascinated by photography. I have discovered a medium through which I can recreate my connection to the many moods of the ocean.

For me, photography has been a personal journey, a quest to be inspired and share inspiration through my images, with others.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey and my art with all the Frothers out there, from my home on the Coffs Coast of New South Wales, Australia and also my portfolio of images from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and the best surf spots in Peru.

I wish you all a great Xmas!



instagram: @surfvisionsphotos / @frothersgallery

Paradise Found

Hey Frothers,

No better day than flat day in Sydney to introduce you to our new Tahiti-based super-shooter, and champion swimmer, Ben Thouard. Yes. Another Frenchie.

Born away from the bigger waves, but who made Teahupoo his home and has joined the Team, bringing with him an exceptional library of paradise shots, big waves, clearwaters, and amazing new angles, especially from the belly of the gnarly Teahupoo beast.

Ben may be living in paradise, he never rests. From shooting underwater, shooting from his paraglide and every angle in between, he shoots the best of what Polynesia has to offer.

We couldn’t be happier to see his ”Frothers” watermark.

The Frothers Team

Instragram: @frothersgallery / @benthouard


Hey Frothers,

It’s not too cold today considering we’re in July……

The Southerly is the superstar of the week! It made the French Connection happy once more, and me as well. Windsurfing is what brought me to the Ocean in the first place. From windsurfing, then I discovered surfing, and finally Kitesurfing. Windsurfing is like the ex-girlfriend that keep on speed dial. So I was pretty stoked to be swimming around with those happy blokes jumping and flying over the surface.

Francois did the show this morning. Sebastien suffering from his old age, and from pushing it a little too hard three days ago, Francois took the lead and went for big backloops. ”Go big or don’t go” were the words looping in his head.

It’s Friday folks. A lot of you are going away already today for a well deserved rest. Enjoy. Surf lots. Froth more. Enjoy the outdoors. Pick up your rubbish when you leave the spot. Have lots of fun. Be stoked.


Instragram: @frothersgallery / @franckgazzola

New ‘Kid’ On The Block

Hey Frothers,

First update from me as an excited new member of the Frothers Gallery. I was very happy being asked to join Frothers along side some the legends of photography from around the World. I’ll be helping hold up the Australian contingent. 

In 2015 I will be bringing you some of my best work from my home town of Newcastle and my travels locally and abroad. My approach to photography is to intrigue and inspire and I hope to inspire all of you through my updates. 

Have a great holiday period regardless if you’ve been naughty or nice. Merry Christmas,

Beau Pilgrim

Instragram: @frothersgallery / @beaupilgrim