Update 28th June 2013

As I stepped out the airport arrival hall yesterday, a little weary thanks to a ‘red eye’ from KL,  I  stopped and strip off my jumper. It felt unusually warm a I dragged my heavy board bag towards the short term car park pick up zone.

Was this a little mercy from the weather god’s for my return to Australia? While away, my beautiful wife had kindly sent me texts warning me to make the most of the equatorial, Indo heat, because Sydney had well and truly descended into the abyss of single digit morning temps. With the sun on my back, it felt nice to be home.

That swell is still around. Probably a good 5 feet, with a few bigger ones occasionally at Tama and the Bra. The wind has gone a little funky but should stay relatively light for the remainder of the day and into Saturday morning, before another southerly crashes the party in the afternoon.

Hope you have a great weekend. Get some waves!


Update 27th June 2013

It's one big blow out – out there this morning. The wind is not really cooperating at all and just down right annoying. Where have these beautiful winter offshores gone to? It is blowing at about 15 knots straight from the ESE and into every nook and cranny. The swell is hitting the 4 – 5 ft mark and was looking too big for Bondi as per usual! There's lots of water moving around out there that was for sure. I'd rather be right here watching the Oakley Pro in Bali right now with some nice warm socks on. 

The swell looks like it will ease in the next few days and tomorrow especially might be ok. Set that alarm clock for the early! 

Enjoy your day folks….. Brad

Update 26th June 2013

It seems while I’ve been in The Mentawai Islands for the last two weeks, that I’ve missed some great waves at home. As much as I hate missing good swells while abroad, I can’t really say I’m that disappointed.

Staying at Kandui Villas and surfing amazing waves for the last fortnight is as good as it gets for me, as far as an Indonesia adventure goes these days. The food and amenities were excellent and the staff thoroughly looked after us as well. I’m sure by the time I get home, I’ll be missing it already.

Anyway, it’s time to leave unfortunately. Time to do the hard yards of bumpy boat crossings, sweaty bus rides and airport hops again. But it’s a small price to pay for living the dream.


Up-date 25th June 2013

The expected peak of swell has come through during the night. Lines and lines waves are coming through, fast, big, making the bay of Bondi choke on this overload of water.

The sand banks must be moving again on days like this, hopefully for the better. If you were one of the few keens today, you might have come in either super happy to have scored in those conditions, or frustrated by the close-outs and all the paddling for not much…especially if the little voice in your head was going ‘’boy…this sesh’ is gonna be hell…why did I come to Bondi again?!! I should know better by now…over 4ft, forget about Bondi !’’ before you went out.

After 7:30am, the fog settled in our City. It’s been a strike of foggin’ bad weather lately…but the weekend looks a look better than the last, with swell. Brothers, sisters and frothers: pray with me for a perfect surf day !

The Oakley Pro Bali is on again today, and Taj is looking good to go through the next round. Check it out !


Up-date 24th June 2013

Yesterday, we should've seen the rise of the super moon, but it ended up rising behind a thick layer of water-loaded clouds. There was surf through the weekend though, despite this terribly wintery weather.

Today is going to be the same kinda fun: grey, "cold", rainy, especially in the afternoon. But you know what: the waves were not too bad this morning in Bondi…actually quite nice. It was a lot cleaner than yesterday, empty (1 surfer in the South corner and maybe 3 or 4 a little more North), between the 2 to 4 foot mark. This E-SE swell still’s got a nice pulse, and might even see an incremental spike tomorrow morning. In absence of wind, it could be a cracker.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to cover for Mr Malyon roster, I did not have the opportunity to shoot for a report: with the threatening buckets of rain and the fact that I could not use my car this morning, there was ‘’recipe for disaster’’ written all over my camera gear ! I’m sure you’ll understand. So instead, I tried to bring you a bit of sun from Fiji, and the wonderful jewel of Namotu Island. Put it on your bucket list, and make sure you cross it.

Have a nice (rainy) day.