Update 30th April 2013

After all the picture perfect mornings we've had recently I was all excited to get right amongst the action and although there was some color in the sky early it was quickly replaced by dullness in the sky leaving me dispirited. 

While the south change helped roll the clouds in – it has done the same with the waves. Bondi is now hitting the knee to waist high mark with no real defined sandbank worth mentioning. All you can do is paddle out and try your luck. Hopefully we will have something a bit better for the end of the week. Thursday and Friday may have something better on offer. 

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Enjoy your day – Brad 😉

Up-date 29th April 2013

Where are the forecasted 3ft waves ?…

Warm weather (16 deg at 6:30am): tick. Blue sky: tick. Warm(ish) water: tick. Pretty sunrise: tick. 3ft waves: No tick.

Instead, 1 to 1.759ft, super clean though. Perfect for beginners. If you’re one of them, this day is for you.

What an amazing (long) weekend we’ve had! Still some good days ahead. I love autumn in Sydney. It’s actually not fair for a lot of the northern hemisphere cities which do not even get this kind of run in Summer!

Yesterday night, I went to shoot the sunset over the City. It was quite an unusual one: there were smoke clouds from a big bush fire happening in the Blue Mountains. Quite amazing ! You can see the shot on the Frothers Facebook page or on my instagram – @franckgazzola or HERE on the great world wide web.

This is my last report until I’m off to the paradise island of Namotu in Fiji. Yew!
Have a nice week.

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Update 26th April 2013

Touch down back in Sydney from Bali – and from the air as we circled over Sydney at 6.00am I could see that there was not much swell to report on. Nothing to get excited about for the weekend either! It looks like a weekend of logging. It's a cracker of a day out there with the sun shining and a tip top temp of 25 degrees which will extend throughout the weekend. Worth a visit to the beach that's for sure! 

In between surfs I managed to hit the water at Uluwatu with the camera. Here is a little collection of the last few days. It was fun to say the least!

The gallery is open today till 5pm. We're at 145 Macpherson St in Bronte. Remember folks Mother's Day is just around the corner and a Frothers print will go down perfectly! 

Enjoy the weekend and see all of you mad frothers next week! 

Brad 😉

Update 24th April 2013

The off shore westerly wind had the thermometer down a little early this morning. If you get up early like me, it really feels like winter is building momentum, creeping a little closer with every day.

We have some great weather with us again today. The sun is shining and by mid morning you won’t need that hoody anymore. The water temperature is still amazing as well and nothing more than a spring suit is needed for a paddle.

There are still some nice little 3 foot waves rolling through. We have had some great waves the last few days but it won’t last forever. Grab your board, some wax, maybe a little sun cream and make the most of it.

Did you hear about the guy that was ill while on board an Indo boat charter, fainted and fell over board? He was lost at sea for 27 hrs before being rescued. Lucky boy! Read HERE.


Up-date 23rd April 2013

Big drop in swell size this morning, but what a nice day !

Now, the high tide this morning wasn’t helping, so maybe later we should get improved conditions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually quite nice out there. Waist to chest high 75% of the time and a few odd ones overhead the rest of the time.

Tama and Bronte have had their days lately, and Bondi was the star of the morning. The banks are working well. The problem: the crowd ! The energizing early morning session can quickly become a frustrating moment…unless you’re ready to share every wave with 5 other dudes, or if you ride a ding-proof board.

Yes, it was a bit chilly at 5:50am. But as soon as the sun was out, the temperature started to be nice and warm. 25 degrees forecasted for today, and it’s due to last for the long weekend: 27 degrees on Sunday ! Yewww ! Probably the last burst of Summer 2012/2013. Make sure you take Friday off !

As the week will go, the board size required will grow. Go for a paddle asap !

I wanted to talk about skimboarding. I know what some of you are thinking. But hear me out ! Look at what this guys does: even the best of us with 3 fins would struggle to do what this guy does. AMAZING !

Have a great day !