Update 30th August 2013

Winter is over for us tomorrow at midnight, even though it never felt like we had one this year. It’s officially our warmest winter ever! Well, since records started to be documented 121 years ago and that’s still an unbelievably long time.

Depending on where you live in Australia, winter can either be bitter, chilly or just plain mild. Sydney winter’s don’t get anywhere near as extreme as Europe for example and I guess our coldest season would fall under the ‘chilly’ category.

This year has been freakish with many records tumbling, if not for all time, at least for many decades; hottest day, wettest month, driest month and now warmest winter and that’s just for Sydney. Makes you wonder what’s coming next!

Surf report – Better than yesterday, 2-3 foot NE wind swell. Try Tama or Maroubra for the biggest waves.

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Have a great weekend!


Update 29th August 2013

Sometimes I find when there is a great combo of nice weather and small playful waves going down it can produce some good vibes in the water. Bondi was damn fun this morning. The long boarders were killing it especially a guy named Ed from Cornwall UK. Taking off reverse fin first, spinning and dancing in the morning light. Pretty cool stuff! 

So it's 2 ft most of the time but on occasion there are sneaky 3 ft sets out there. The water has warmed up a notch too which is a much welcomed bonus. Expect a top temp of 23 degrees today. Just another little taste of what's to come for tomorrow. Yes that's right 27 on the richter scale and a bump in swell from the NE. I suspect that a few of our emails might bounce tomorrow. 

Enjoy – Brad 😉

Up-date 28th August 2013

It is Summer outside, with fun waves !

Ok, it's a school day and most of you must be spewing to be at work right now. Out there it's fun, warm, offshore, and not very crowded.

It's a late up-date today as I was high on drugs for the last two days. All legit, don't worry ! I've had a little surgery, which has taken more of a toll on me than I expected, hence why I missed yesterday's up-date. So, I had to give a miss to today's sunrise to get some rest. I came down the beach a little later than the usual and as I cannot carry heavy stuff, I just came down with one lens (70-200mm for the tech savvy), a polarizing filter, as the sun was already high in the sky, and a few dollars to write the up-date from the best coffee joint in town: Chapter One !

What I found was a perfect day. A day that made me mad to have stitches all over my body ! If you can go for a dip or a surf: do it !

If you have a few minutes to spare, check this out: ''Inside the Monster'', with some pretty awesome footage from Teahupoo.

Have a nice day !


Update 26th August 2013

Good morning and Happy Monday to you all. It seems that most of you decided to stay in bed as the line up out at Bondi was noticeably quiet this morning. It must have been a big weekend!

Conditions are great out there and even the odd 2 ft wave is rolling in from a very south direction. You will have most fun on a bigger board like a log or a fish. The high tide may kill it mid morning but this afternoon might be worth a paddle when the tide heads out again. 

Enjoy the day…. Brad

Update 23rd August 2013

I can say confidently that you won't be surfing today. It is as flat as it gets. I shot the sunrise at Bronte this morning and that was as far as I got with the images – relying on a few unseen underwater shots that I got earlier in the week to fill up todays report.

This flat spell isn't going to last long. You should be back in the water tomorrow amongst  some 3 – 4 ft south swell action. Fresh W to SW winds tomorrow before lighter more user friendly light winds on Sunday morning. I'd be checking what the early is doing Sunday morning for sure. Hopefully there will still be some swell hanging in there! 

Don't forget Fathers Day is coming up and if you need a nice framed print of Dad's favorite beach – we've got you covered in our Frothers Gallery 145 Macpherson St Bronte

Have a great weekend – Brad