Up-date 30th June 2014

Get your beanie from the bottom drawer: it is chiiilly ! Not red hot chilly. Cold chilly.

The westerly seemed to give the chop a close shave. The water has been looking dead flat lately. But today, a couple of peelers are pushing through, 2 to 3 foot mark, clean.

I am really bummed that I missed this amazing sunrise on Friday…what a star ! Mr Malyon got a couple of shot of that cracker (check his instagram: @bradmalyon). So I must say this morning I had high hopes. My expectations were not met I must say…but it was still a nice morning to be outside, with a hot cup.

Have a great day !


Up-date 25th June 2014

Only a very small core team was enjoying this classic Winter morning today. A bunch of happy few.

Is it the howling wind of yesterday that kept everyone else off the beach ? Is it because the sun is sleeping in those days ? What is it ?

Personally, I love this time of the year. It's quiet, and yet, there is always someone to chat with, exchange some greetings, smiles, trash talk or jokes. 

I love the life in this part of the World.


Up-date 24th June 2014

The Blizzard is biting today.

30 knots that have transformed all beaches into a lake, and despite the clear skies, only a few brave souls (brave but warmly wrapped) went down the beach this morning.

Only Ed and a couple of other guys found some waves were there seemed to be none. Ed has spent more time on the nose in his early session than I have seen for a loooong time in Bondi.

The crazy people from the Action Film Festival are holding a film contest in Bondi in a few months. It's for action sports in general but they need more surfing videos. Here is a compilation of their top 20 video entrants so far and a bit more info about how to participate ! Man…those base jumpers are nuts ! Check it out !

They are promoting action sport athletes and film making in NSW and in particular the Eastern Suburbs. But if you participate, it's not because there is a video camera that you should die…be bold, but be safe !

Have a great day !


Up-date 23rd June 2014

The Sydney Winter magic is on. The crisps sunny mornings, with pretty clouds and clean peelers. The offshore winds, the Lattes, and the late sunrises. The small crowds, the almost empty Icebergs, and the cold sand. The UGGs on the beach, the blue skies, and (almost) only the locals.

Our Winter festival is in full swing right now, and except for the man-Flue (that I finally managed to overcome – I almost died – sorry for the radio silence), there is nothing not to like about it. And I am not talking about the ''Ice-rink on the beach'' kind of Winter Festival. I mean the natural one, the sustainable one, …the only one.

But days are going to start to stretch again this week. We're on our way to Summer !

Have a great day.


Up-date 17th June 2014

brrrrrrrrrr……It was cold this morning. The Westerly has its pros (clean waves, pretty veils, blue skies), and its cons (cold, nasty germs, etc).

Talking about germs, I think I'm going down, most likely the infamous life threatening Man-flue. Not due to my supposedly raving activities on the weekend (I wish I did, but I just went to see the most boring Rugby game in History between France and the Wallabies), but most likely due to the cold weather. It's funny how easy it is to get used to Tropical climate !

You may or may not have seen this clip yet, but if you haven't, watch this ! It is said to be most likely the best GoPro footage ever. Endless barrels, several spits, and the cleanest pit of all…Worth spending 2 minutes watching this!

Have a great day.