Update 30th November 2012

It's well on its way to being a cracker jack day. Who knows when the mercury will stop? All I do know is that it will be hot. Sprint over the soft sand kind of stuff! 

This morning I saw a pretty nice sunrise, two lovebirds having a cuddle in the surf, a couple of groms ripping on the middle bank, John Adams – who is out of action thanks to a high speed stack on his pushy, two glamours having a splash, some miniature tahiti waves on the shorey and Mrs Style having a morning walk on her log. 

Now I am off to slog it out in the shipyard! I feel an early mark coming on! 

Not sure what to buy the grommet this christmas. How about a framed print? Orders have to be in by 9th December! YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! We're at 145 Macpherson St Bronte – Open till 5pm then we're hitting the beach. 

Have a cracker you legends! – Brad

Update 29th November 2012

‘Red surf at night, surfers delight. Red surf in the morning, surfers warning.’ Well, it goes a little different than that but certainly applies to our neck of the woods lately, even if the ocean appears to be a lot clearer today. Bondi still has patches of this strange reddish colouring drifting in with the on shore winds. These should clear as the wind is predicted to swing nor east later.

This ‘Red Tide’ or algal bloom which has occurred this week over most of our beaches, has been quite an interesting spectacle for many and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as extreme before. It is definitely a sign our water temperature is warming heading into summer. If you wish to have a little read on what it is and why it occurs, click HERE.

We thankfully have a few waves again today. It’s only small but there were some fun little peaks this morning shared by only a few surfers. Maybe the algae is scaring people off. Toughen up guys! If only you knew what we used to surf in before the ocean outfalls went in.

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Update 28th November 2012

I wish I could have some better news for you today. But I am afraid I just have to say it – It is still a bit crappy. It's struggling to hit the 1 ft mark out there and isn't at all inviting. 

This is your big chance to crack on with that long list of other stuff and get yourself sorted for the holidays! Maybe even do some overtime and score some brownie points at work.

We all know it's MOVEMBER and I have been hard at it raising money for the support of Men's Health issues like prostate cancer and mental health. So please CLICK HERE if your in a position to donate and give me a well deserved pat on the back for growing an awful looking thing on my face! A little goes a long way!

Xmas isn't too far away at all. If your starting to freak out – then pop in and see my lovely fiance at the gallery for a gift idea at 145 Macpherson St Bronte.

Waiting for the sunshine! – Brad

Update 27th November 2012

No wave. Not even a wrinkle. Not a breath of wind.

The lack of swell and the high tide did the magic trick: the surf has disappeared !

A great swim in the rocks, in a now much warmer water, is what you can thrive for this morning.

Alternatively, you can try to go North, in NE swell magnets. Whale beach was surprisingly good on Sunday, considering that Bondi was flat as. So, if your fins are looking for some action, gamble your way North.

Temperature is great outside, and due to increase further towards the end of the week ! We may reach a good 34 degrees Saturday, folks ! Yew !

Have a good day, and be patient for the swell…

Christmas is 'round the corner: come and visit us at the Gallery in Bronte (145 MacPherson Street) !


Update 26th November 2012

It was a foggy and dreary start to the week out there this morning. After the weekend’s blister buster, it’s kind of a relief and I’m sure if you’re off to work today it won’t be as hard to take knowing you’re not missing the sunshine. That goes for surf too because it’s more or less flat as and hardly worth it!

Besides the disgusting amount of rubbish left over on the beach this morning, there was also quite a few blue bottles littering the shoreline after the weak southerly change moved through over night. It has always mystified me how they come from nowhere as soon as we get an onshore wind.

Looks like more of the same weather for the next few days at least but Bondi should be a lot nicer for a swim this afternoon and again tomorrow as the wind swings back to the north later today.

Have a great week!