Update 31st October 2011

Here we are for the last day of October and what a nice surprise we had this morning, 3 – 4 ft of South swell rolling in. Unfortunately the wind has roughed it up somewhat and will turn more SE in direction today making wave faces average. I have to say there wasn't many people onto it this morning – I'm not sure if the spike was forecast or not. The end of the week is shaping up nicely for the Single Fin Classic. It's an early call but I think there's going to be waves mixed in with some sunshine! Bring it on. Did I see a 14 second swell period there somewhere? Don't forget it's this coming Saturday 5th of November, at Bondi.

Today's portrait is of Susan Chen. A fellow photographer who lives at Bronte. She's up and at it every morning and is so enthusiastic and passionate about photography. You can view her work here. 

Have a fun day! – Brad

Update 28th October 2011

Conditions are much cleaner this morning and there is still 3 feet of swell hanging around. I even saw a few barrels behind the reef at Bondi early. I don’t think it will last long though, so make the most of if you have the day off.

For all you lovers of art, sculpture and lack of parking spots. The 15th anniversary of ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ is back next week, starting Thursday 3rd to 20th November. So, look out for some wacky lineup shots from Brad and myself over the next few weeks.

The worlds largest interactive surfing website Surfline.com is currently running a ‘Spot Check’ feature of my images. They wish to expose Bondi to the masses. I think they’re too late! Local Bondi boy, Perth Standlick has a barrel shot and two huge air photos in the mix as well!! He is such a star! Click HERE to check it out.

Looks like small waves out of the ESE for the weekend and winds out of the north on Saturday, which is good for Bondi. Then a weak south change moves in Sunday morning, so ‘The Bra’ may have cleaner conditions then.

Get on it People! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and back a Derby Day winner!


Update 27th October 2011

The surf is a little smaller and marginally better today, thanks to a drop in those strong southerly winds, which are slowly coming around to the east. By Friday, they should be back to the north east again and temps should rise. The cycle of summer winds! North to south, then back to north again. Keeps a surfer on his toes.

I ventured over to “The Bra” yesterday to check out The Girri Girri Sports Day. A youth program run 3 times a year to enhance career education for Aboriginal youth. It was the first time surfing has been included and also, the first time some of the kids have ever seen a beach. Aboriginal pro surfer, Otis Carey and local Southside long board queen, Claire Norman were hands on in getting the kids up and riding. There were some huge smiles and the few showers that came down did nothing to dampen the excitement of taking on the ocean. Click HERE for more.

Well, if you were still thinking about entering “The Single Fin Classic” at Bondi on the 5th November, you thought too long. It’s full! Your only chance now is to turn up on the day and hope there are a few no shows. Good luck!

Have a great day!


Update 26th October 2011

Struth! What about the cold snap! Makes you want to reach for those Uggies again. I was surfing in boardies on Monday. Well, stand up paddling to tell the truth, but it was mid 30 degrees and blue skies. It was still a little chilly in the water at 18 but it was great for cooling off the heat.

It’s cold and dismal again today. I just managed to snap off a few quick shots at Bronte before the rain forced me to quit and hunt down a coffee. The surf is up but it’s a wind blown mess, with no takers but if you are keen to go for it, you had better wear some rubber because that south east wind isn’t mucking around.

For all those still thinking about having a crack at this years Single Fin Contest at Bondi next Saturday week, you better pull your finger out, as the remaining available spots are now down to 15 and dropping like an Indo full moon low tide!


It should be an amazing day of retro dress up and styling snap backs. Yeew! I can feel that youthful 80’s ITN feeling coming back already!!

For more info on the comp go to www.bondiboardriders.com



Update 25th October 2011

As predicted the South wind has arrived to cool things right off. A thick blanket of cloud and showers has put a stop to that run of sunshine we've had for the last few days. 

Today's temp will only hit 23 and there is also a 90% chance of rain. So be sure to take that umbrella to work today. As for the surf, well there is not much to get frothing about! The 20 knot onshore is making a mess of what there is. Which isn't much at all. Only 1 – 2 ft of weak wobbly slops from the ENE. The good news is that it should pick up slowly throughout the day and we'll have 3 ft of SE direction swell by tomorrow. Your best bet today will be either Tama or Maroubra.

I ran into Sarah Glover from Bondi Bikkies this morning while she was out doing deliveries. If your after some healthy treats that are delicious keep an eye out for her jars of cookies in one of the many cafes around the eastern beaches. You can tell that they are made with love!

Our gallery is open all day till 5pm. Christie had a day off yesterday and is raring to go! 145C Macpherson St Bronte

Stay dry and keep smiling – Brad