Hi Frothers!


The atmosphere was certainly electric last night! An incredible show that officially opened the 2016/2017 storm season.

After a few days being sick & fully dedicated to some free-lance work (”free-lance” is a misleading concept I think: you’re actually not that free…), I was stoked to have an excuse to shoot something different. I wasn’t the only one running around with a tripod.

At one point, the storm was cell was so close (right above me) that I composed the shot, set the camera on multiple exposures so that I could run away from it and let the camera take a few long exposures: I never feel too confident standing next to a metallic tripod and alloy body camera in the middle of a park, on a beach or on top of a cliff…

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We’ve sent some to New York, London, Paris, Geneva & Frankfurt! I always find it so rewarding to know that somewhere remote someone is looking a Frothers Gallery image.

Have a great weekend!


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