Week Ending 25th July 2010

Welcome to the new look Frothers and the start of a new working week. We were lucky enough to have something worth sliding on for most of last week, but that was only if you were brave enough to venture into the winter waters. Generally, the days started off with some chilly SW winds which kept the waves clean and rideable through until mid morning, when the devil wind came to life from the SE ruining our fun.

Some standouts in the water this week were Mick Marj, getting some serious tube time "over the hill" as well as little 11 yr old supergrom Ethan Davis taking flight –  both shot by grommet photog Jeremy Shanahan. Caleb Reid again was busting the tail out most days, but it was Insight designer Ryan Hanrahan that nailed a sick air in the south corner at Bondi, lunchtime on Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday look to be the pick of the bunch as far as conditions go this week. Expect a rising south swell on Tuesday lasting throughout Wednesday, with light offshore winds. It's sounding good to us. See you out there!

Nias Noise

A few of the local surfers from Bronte and a couple of Lifeguards from Bondi Rescue went on a well deserved trip to Nias in late June. As you can see they well and truely got what they were after. Some big throaty drainers, a few snapped boards and a few crazy crappy haircuts. The guys stayed at a place named Rafaels. A great place to stay after the 48 hr journey to get there. For those that don't know Nias is an Island in North Sumatra, Indonesia that has a perfect right hand break dishing up some of the best barrels in the world. Surfers featured are Liam Taylor (Itchy), Ryan Clark (Whippet) , John Dwyer (Bones), Mouse as himself and Matt (Slowy) Sloaman. Luke Daniels failed to submit his shots in time due to further shananigans in Bali.

Week Ending 18th July 2010

While we were battling those icy winds blowing off the mountains, some of our photogs have managed to escape the clutches of Jack Frost. Hawaii, Fiji and even Byron Bay have warmed their fingers and toes. In between kicking back on the warm sand and reading a book, catching waves boardies only, they have taken some nice shots for us all to enjoy.

For most of us left behind, uggies and beanies have been the necessity for our early mornings on the beach, but hopefully our pics will bring a little bit of warmth to your day!