Update 29th March 2011

Tama was cranking last week and while we were all frothing over it, so was 10x World Champ Kelly Slater and sparring partner Taj Burow. The pros also hit up Ours and by all reports they were charging like mad! Bill Morris snapped some shots of Ours on fire, there is a funny shot of Richie Vas who was sporting the latest accessory trend with a cast on his dislocated elbow, and Mark Matthews showed us why he is a leader in big wave surfing.
As most of you have probably seen in the headlines, there was a serious rescue at Bronte during the week – see the story featured. A massive effort by all involved especially Richard Freeman and Mouse from the Lifeguards. A guy down the South Coast wasn't as lucky, a surfer who went for a quick dip in the heavy swell and who has served as a reminder to be always alert. If the swell is big and you are not a strong swimmer or you're having an off day – enjoy the action from the sand.
We will have some waves around all week, Wednesday could be good ahead of a fresh South swell on Thursday. Enjoy, stay safe!

Update 21st March 2011

Did you have a case of Boost Surf Sho hangover last week? I did. Last weekend sure took it out of me. I have missed the show the pro's put on while visiting Bondi. Photographically you can't go wrong either, popping airs left right and centre always makes for an interesting frame – a bit like out of a surf mag. It's a shame our Perth Standlick missed his heat in the open trials. I wonder how he would have gone? He made up for it big time early last week landing a massive air, bigger than i saw any of the pro's do. You know the one Perth! Unfortunately there is no photo evidence as i was shacked up in the lifeguard tower in the blue uniform.

A local couple have had a great idea of how to raise money for the Japan disaster. It's called 1000 cranes for Japan. You can buy one for $5 next Sunday at the Bondi markets. 

Enough waffle. Expect waves for the best part of the week. Thursday and Friday are looking ok with light westerly winds so get your Froth on and keep an eye out for our photographers in and out of the water. Cheers Brad

Boost Mobile Pro 2011

Bondi was the centre of attention yet again this weekend as the Boost Surf Sho moved in, bringing with it loads of entertainment and a full bag of tricks. The waves were dud but the moves out of this world.

Otis Carey gave it a good crack on his home turf, unfortunately missing out on a place in Sunday's final by the hair on his chin. The pros wowed the packed crowd in the final with Josh Kerr crowned this year's winner with a 9.0 aerial.

The rest of the week had its ups and downs with learners packing the banks Wednesday and Thursday, while Friday threw us a few fun waves at Tama and Bronte.

As for the next couple of days, the swell will be hovering around 2ft accompanied by winds blowing from the south. However a sizable south groundswell is predicted to head our way for the weekend. 

Enjoy the rest of your week – Froth out!

Frothers Update 7th March 2011

Bula! After spending just under two weeks on an island that I have to call heaven, I have decided Fiji is my new favourite spot. It's funny that it's so close to Oz, yet I know only a handful of people that have ventured there.
Namotu is a speck in the ocean, that happens to be surrounded by some great surfing reefs including Namotu Lefts and Wilk's Right. With the lift on exclusive rights, which restricted surf break use, you can now stay on Namotu and surf nearby Cloudbreak and Resturants on Tavarua to your heart's content. 
You can snap up flights for next to nothing and be spoilt rotten on what's pretty much your own private island. White sand, palm trees, perfect surf, awesome fishing, delicious food and friendly staff – could you ask for more?
I hope you enjoy the pics I snapped, especially after the most average of Sydney weekends and when you book your trip to Namotu say a big g'day to the friendly staff. Vinaka – Brad.