Up-date 31th January 2013

It's been an interesting week back home, judging from the pics of those last days…And as I write, the surf is probably pumping here and there.

Well, it's a little different here in WA. The typical days goes like this: offshore wind in the morning, ideal for a quick paddle or a SUP ride. Midday, the Southerly kicks in, almost to the minute. Every day. Perfect conditions for Kitesurfing. Late arvo, the 15-20 knots become a 20 to 30 knots, for a good windsurf session. Clouds? What clouds ?! Heat ? Yeah, 35 degrees, day-in day-out.

The days almost went like that for us this week. Except that from time to time, the winds get even stronger. Tuesday was a mess: 40 knots. 40 knots is fun…when you live inside. But if your camp is in the dune, that you have to dig your way into your tent, that your meal becomes crunchy, and that you wear your sunnies at 10pm…it's a little more…let's say a little less comfy !

I'm having a bowl here, and any frother who's into surfing, SUPing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing…WA is the place to be ! Whether you're an advanced rider or a beginner/intermediate like me, it's ideal. Contact Ben at KiteWest on behalf of Frothers, he'll taylor make the perfect trip for you and your mates. He's got all the toys at your disposal.


Update 30th January 2013

Well there has certainly been no shortage of waves the last couple of days! It is still solid and very chunky and chopped up thanks to the early arrival of a light south wind this morning. 

All the action was again at North Bondi where there were some fun 4ft left and right rides going down. It is probably your only real option today unless you want to take on the super death shorey of Coogee

I wouldn't be too fussed about a surf today because by the looks of things on CW tomorrow is set to pump. Good and proper! Start planning your day…. Fuel up the wagon and get out of here. 

I found a link to that swell in Portugal. You must have a look HERE

Enjoy the day – Cheers Brad 

Update 29th January 2013

After all the talk on the news last night of how we were going to cop a flogging during the night, it turned out to be a bit of a fizzer.

There was hardly any wind and only light rain when I walked out the door early this morning. Things only got better by the hour as the wind dropped further and turned offshore. The swell is a solid 8 foot plus and sweeping in from the north. It’s fairly serious out there so be careful. Otherwise North Bondi or Coogee is the go.

It was a very desolate looking Bondi this morning due to the weather. Even the surf which was quite clean, was very uncrowded. Yesterday was a very different story out at North Bondi and I stopped counting surfers at around the 70 mark but there were way more than that. I can’t imagine how many would have been out if the sun had been shining.

Not only have the heavens opened up to give us all a good soaking but the wave drought thankfully looks over for a while as well. Winds could be a little iffy but if you are willing to travel somewhere over the next few days to find a protected corner, you could score!

Have fun!


Up-date 25th January 2013

The 3S: Sea, Surf and Sun. 4S for the lucky ones…

The weather man is not very optimistic for the week-end, so the recommendation for now is: leave your hammer, shovel, pen, or computer. Excuse yourself to your boss, client, or supplier. Sneak out from the Friday Team lunch and HIT THE BEACH !!

Waves are here (and the swell is on the rise), winds are light, very light (but soon on the rise for the long week end as well) and the water temperature is divine.

Open your eyes if you swim with swimming glasses or snorkelling mask in Bondi: there is a big bunch of biiig sting rays ‘’flying’’ around the area.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go and check what Tony Prescott and Trevor King just produced about Brad Malyon. Great footage and an amazing editing style. Go check it out during the long week-end.

Have fun this long week-end, even if the weather in Sydney doesn’t look too good. There is nothing better than healing a hangover when it’s raining outside: pizza, Nurofen and (surf) DVDs. 😉

I’m off to the part of Australia where the sun sets over the water. WA. I'll be bringing you a different taste to the report next week.

Check out the TopHeads eyewear collection by clicking on the banner below: they've got some preeeetty cool stuff !

Profitez-bien du week-end !

Update 24th January 2013

I met up with my friend, Beau this morning. He sometimes likes to tag along with me to see while I do the update. Beau is young and educated, has a good job which he kind of dislikes most of the time and has dreams of moving on and doing other things in life, which I know he will because he is that type of guy.

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about Beau, he fits a lot in. He surfs, kite boards, wake boards, water skis, shoots photos and video and he is pretty damn good at all of the above. Beau lives in a man mansion with a bunch of other young professional guys who quite often get things a little sideways on the weekends and have a lot of fun. In other words, he lives life to the fullest and that’s the name of the game.

While we were standing on a dull, cloudy Bondi this morning, watching a bunch of beginners trying to catch and ride the choppy one foot dribble, Beau asked me how I stay motivated to get up and do this early in the morning? I pretty much told him that it’s not always easy and sometimes it feels like a huge effort but once in while there are those magic mornings that make it worth it. Motivation is a lot like looking through your lens, you just need to stay focused and things will be fine.