Up-date 28th July 2014

San Diego, you haven't disappointed me today. There were waves, small Summer surf conditions ok, but there was enough to surf. It was hot, humid (quite unusual though…), and the sunset was a delight.

The South Californian vibe is exactly how I imagined it, from the way it is pictured in movie or surf mags. It's laid back, fun, and sometimes weird, but in a good way. Good weird.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a feel of what today was feeling like. Pretty cool to shoot a sunset over the Ocean again !

Have a great day, and a good start of the week.


Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 22nd July 2014

With the wind backing off, this morning offered some fun !

Lefts, rights, middle bank, south bank, 1.5 foot, 3 foot, there was pleasure on offer for all kinds of gliding objects, and all skill levels.

Rather that walking around, wishing I was in a different spot, I decided this morning to stay put in one place, and one place only to shoot this report. So I picked my angle, and settled in my Eagle's nest for 45min. Not too unhappy with the result !

Have fun today !


Up-date 21st July 2014

Chris and Deano, two amazing surfers from the Northern Beaches, gave me a buzz on Friday. ''Where are you gonna be out, Frother ? It'll be pumping around here''.

Chris wanted to shoot Deadman's. Unfortunately for him, the swell direction was not favorable. The swell was going past. Not enough East in the swell.

Deano wanted to surf Dee Why point, right off the rocks. A wave that can turn on with the bigger swell, very slabby and with a very technical take-off. Quoting the local ''the Northern Beaches version of Ours''.

Dee Why was indeed the pick. The wind meesed it up, but some nicer ones came through. It was a matter of smart picking and commitment.

So here are a few shots of that session, with changing light, weird waves and sometimes gnarly wipe-outs.

Congrat's to Mick, who's surfed like a Legend on the weekend. And for those who haven't seen the Perfect 10 of Tom Curren in the Heritage Heat vs. Occy, check it out. He's still got it, big time !

Have a great day.


Up-date 17th July 2014

Not a riddle on the water, perfect sky and 1 foot runners. Clean, but tiny mini.

Still, it was good to be back on the beach to shoot. Smiles, good mood, great people, a couple of photographers, a few dogs, the usual runners, the #socialmediafreaks…Bondi !

Have you had a look at the forecast ? Are we in for a weekend of big again ?

Bets are on !

Have a great day Frothers !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 14th July 2014

Today's update is a wrap up of the beautiful scenery of Hamilton Island. 

As I just got back from this business trip, and could feel the temperature difference when I landed in Sydney. Clearly not the same latitude !

Hamilton Island is a pretty place. But if I could go again, I'd sail around it and cruise through all those magnificent islands all around. Why ? Because, I would like to experience more of the untouched incredible nature that this area has to offer, and avoid the resort life. I have nothing against that, but I think the real beauty is in the open and the wild.

On a different note, we wanted to tell you that the Frothers Gallery is currently doing a lot of work in the background to bring you guys a better version of itself. Something somewhat similar but very different at the same time. You'll see…(we can't wait to show you !). I'll leave you hanging on those mysterious words…;)

In the meantime, because of all the work required and associated technical constraints, we will be slowing down temporarily the frequency of the morning up-dates to 2 (or 3) per week. This will allow us to get through all the necessary changes quicker and come back with Frothers 2.0 asap !

Stay tuned !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)