Update 31st August 2012

Here I am from Down-Under to Up-Above !

Paris: for some it's romantic, fashion, and incredibly pretty ladies. For others, it's pollution, traffic, and parisian arrogance. But let's face it, in Summer Paris is cool: the City is ''empty'' (…it's all relative) as people are on holidays, days are long and nights are warm. Nothing like a glass of wine at a terrace, a walk down alongside the Seine River or a ride with a Velib', those push bikes that anyone can use everywhere in the City.

However, you look at it, Paris doesn't let anyone indifferent. The ''love or hate'' kind of thing…

For me, Paris was the opportunity to go and shoot with Francois Becot, one of my dearest and oldest friends. So today, the shots are mainly his: it's ''Frothers feat. Francois Becot''. For the curious, check out some of his work. I hope you'll enjoy the shots.

Looks like it may be a bit windy for you back in Sydney. The sun should be shining for you though! Maybe a few waves too!

For my next up-date, I'll have changed my profile from ''single'' to ''married'' ! 😉

PS – The gallery will be closed today. Christie and Brad have a wedding to go to in the Hunter Valley! 

French Franck!

Update 30th August 2012

Spring seems to have made an early start with another gloriously morning. However, we are still struggling for something to ride in the way of a wave.

There is actually more than yesterday, with a tiny N-E wind swell of about one foot (maybe) and I would say Maroubra would be the only option if you are desperate.

The Maldives is a well known surf destination for many. I myself have been quite a few times and I rate the surf breaks – Sultans and Honkeys as probably the best two spots in the Northern Mali area. It looks like you may not be able to surf them for much longer unless you are willing to fork out some big bucks to do it. Click HERE to see why.

Don't forget Dad this Sunday. We have some great ideas for you at our Bronte gallery, 145c MacPherson Street. Pop in and check us out. We are open 10am-5pm today and Friday and 9am – 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy the warmth.


Update 29th August 2012

What more can I say. It's a little beauty out there. 23 degrees and light NW winds make it an ideal day to be out and about. Gee you might even work up a sweat and feel like a quick dip if your brave enough.

The only downside is that there's no real bumps around. I only saw a few waves actually break this morning at Bondi and Tamarama. We can thank the early morning high tide for that. I could only manage one shot of someone on a wave and even that was right on shore. I also noticed a couple of dudes paddle to the point and back just for fun. I guess it was just too nice out there to turn around and go home.

Have a look on the lower tide today just after midday. There might just be something rideable

There will be a cool change tomorrow. So make the most of this fine weather.

The gallery is open today from 10am5pm. We are at 145c Macpherson St Bronte. Do you need to buy a present for someone's birthday or wedding? Why not drop in and have a look at what we have!

Have a great day – Brad

Update 28th August 2012

You can't get much better than this hey! What a day we have on our hands. I hope you managed to get in the water this morning, even if it was only small it was still good to just get wet and feel alive. 

To be honest it was a little hectic in the south corner at Bondi this morning. I almost got taken out a few times. Collisions, board flicks, and guys wanting to punch on – put a big dampener on proceedings. But at the end of the day that's Bondi and there always seems to be more agro in the water when it's small. 

How's that "Bondi Big Splash" shot! I got this with out the protection of my AQUATECH housing. Very risky – but one for the gallery!

Your best bet for a wave is again Bondi. Don't bother looking anywhere else!

PS – Mick Fanning just won a close battle against Joel Parkinson for the Billabong Pro Tahiti title.

Be cheerful friends – Brad

Update 27th August 2012

It was very still and cold at the beach this morning. My hands were burning while holding my camera and I wished I had some gloves. Three weeks in Fiji has made me soft and I haven't even touched the water yet but I know it's cold.

Plenty of crew were eager to sample the new little south swell that has appeared over night. It's only 2 foot at best but there are some clean peelers well suited for a log or fish if you feel motivated.

The death of astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon isn't something that is surf related, besides the fact that the moon has such a huge influence on our oceans. He was, however, one of the most well know identities on earth and I still remember the day in primary school when he took those first few steps on the Luna surface and being so captivated by it.

I also remember tearing up my cardboard Luna module, the one my Dad bought me from the Ampol service station. I was frustrated because I was struggling to make the pieces fit together. I haven't changed much.

Click HERE for a great interview with a very remarkable man.