Update 28th September 2012

I had to have a double take as I looked up todays forecast air temp. Yep she was right. 29 degrees. Boom! Might rock some boardies and flip flops today!

We have 2- 3 ft of NE wind dribble getting into Maroubra. There wasn't much quality and I had difficulty getting anything half decent from land so I decided to hit the chilly water with a 50mm. My favourite lens to shoot water with. 

As I mentioned above. The water is cool. Don't be fooled by the air temp today. Throw your rubber in the car with you if your surfing today. You can be a hell man  and get the rig out but you won't last too long! 

Storms expected later. 

Have a great weekend – Brad

Update 27th September

I drove over to The Bra early and it was easily the biggest and the best of all the Southside beaches. Totally uncrowded as well, which is such a change from ‘Beehive Bondi’ where you literally take your life in your own hands, just by paddling out when it's small like this. The chances of getting run over by a beginner increase dramatically at this size.

After capturing some action and having a chat to some friends I haven’t seen in a while I ventured back to Bondi, picking up my water housing on the way in the hope of maybe getting an empty wave shot in the shore break. Unfortunately, I didn’t get one that was worthy of putting up but it was nice to get wet in the chilly 17 degree water. Always makes for a good start to the day.

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Update 26th September 2012

Bondi is like another world.

Tamarama was a silent, virtual ghost town before sun up. The purr of the diesel sand rake shaving it’s sweeping track across the beach, was the only significant noise to be heard beyond that of the ocean.

Tama wasn’t much chop anyway, with no real banks and a high tide I knew where the activity centre would be, where it always is – Bondi.

As soon as I pulled at The Hill, the ‘beehive’ was in it’s usual full swing – runner’s, boot camper’s, yoga and meditate-er’s, they were all making the most of a blazing Spring sunrise.

There were a dozen or so surfers sharing the new right bank in the south corner, the one that was a left until Huey got sick of it and decided to go switch for a while. I guess the goofy’s will be out of luck for anything forehand in the near future, unless we get another big swell to clean out the rip again.

All in all, it’s another magic day in the city. That little rain storm that chased me off the beach with my camera is long gone, so if you’re enjoying school holidays or have the day off work, get out and get amongst it!



Update 25th September 2012

The sound of the rain on my tin roof early this morning made me want to stay under the covers as my alarm went off. It's always hard to roll out of bed when you know it is going to be dark and gloomy outside. We've been so spoilt with nice weather lately. A an overcast day thrown in won't do us any harm. 

I took the truck over to Maroubra for a change of scene. There is swell from the east and the south and it's currently running at 3ft. So I thought there would be a few waves getting into the east facing bra. But it wasn't the best out there. There is potential for it to get better through the day, as the wind will remain light and variable. My pick would be to hit it at mid tide and see what happens. 

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Have a great day – Brad

Update 24th September 2012

What about that weekend folks? What a stunner! Today is shaping up to be a little beauty as well.

I hit Bronte and Bondi with the camera this morning. Dolphins came into the bay at Bronte for their portrait at about 6.15am while most joggers and early morning walkers stopped for a few minutes to soak it all in. 

Not much of a wave down there. Only a little grovelling left at the south end of Bondi and a right bank a bit further up the beach. Nothing too exciting at all. Craft of choice would be the longboard for most enjoyment. 

There are a few images in todays mix from yesterday. I spent all day at the beach rolling around in the shore dump and lurking under water going for different shots. Something I haven't done in a real long time. Much fun!

Filmaker Tim Bonython is touring with his new movie "Immersion" in October. Judging by what I have seen on the trailer – you won't want to miss it. There are two screenings. Thursday October 4th at the North Bondi RSL and Sunday October 14th at the Ritz. Do yourself a favour and book tickets online now before they sell out. 

Happy Monday – Brad