Update 30th July 2012

This update is coming to you from a sleepy town named Gocek in Turkey. I arrived here yesterday for my real job (drivin a boat) after 24 hrs worth of flights, taxis and coffee. I was instantly hit by the blistering heat that this part of the world is renowned for at this time of year. I dropped the bags off – changed into a pair of boardies and whacked on a trusty pair of havianas, then headed off with my camera to the nearest beach.

Gocek has some magnificent scenery of which I have only seen a little in the short time I've been here. It is famous for it's stunning turquoise coast and beautiful mountains and is why it is a favorite place for boat owners to visit. This coming Saturday we leave port for a week long journey along the coast to Bodrum. Might even have a quick pit stop at FalarakiRhodos for old times sake!

Looks like you have waves back home. More than here at least. Think yourselves lucky. Now I got to get back to anti-fouling the bottom of a boat!

Cheers – Brad

Update 26th July 2012

Warm winter mornings place a much nicer perspective on your start to the day, especially if there is a little colour in the sky and a few waves to take on. As a surfer, those two ingredients alone are all you need to make life worthwhile.

The surf has dropped and is not quite as clean due to the bump left over from the N-E wind yesterday. It is still around the 3 to 4 foot mark at Maroubra, Tamarama and Bronte and definitely worth a getting wet for.

Have you noticed how good the videos are these days? How the quality of the latest hi speed cameras are producing such amazingly clear slow motion clips? It's a lot different to the old super 8 days. Film was fun though and I kind of miss it.

Here is a little clip of Kai Neville's new flick. Click HERE.


Update 25th July 2012

I got so excited this morning as I drove down the hill. Through the fog I could see lines of swell rolling into the bay at Bronte and Tamarama. I knew it was going to be a good morning for waves. The swell direction is out of the E and hitting the 4 – 5ft mark on the sets. Both Tamarama and Maroubra we're cranking you could say. Well lets just say it's a lot better than usual and worth a paddle for sure. 

I'm out there for a quickie! I need a few waves as I won't be surfing for a month as I'm off to Turkey for work cruising the beautiful coastline. I'm looking forward to wearing some euro togs again! Not too many waves in the med this time of year but expect a couple of updates from my travels. 

Have a good one, 20 degree's today – Brad

Update 24th July 2012

It’s been so damn cold lately! What happened to that mild winter we were having a few weeks ago?

The water has also been like ice lately and although I’ve been surfing a bit, I have been avoiding doing any kind of water photography for the simple fact that I’m a woos! I just can’t seem escape the hypothermic feeling that takes over my body after an hour or so of swimming in this 16-degree temperature, no matter how thick my wetsuit is. It would help if I had a little fat on the body, because I’m definitely no walrus. I need to get more Iggy’s sourdough into me from the bakery next door to our gallery, so I can fatten up to hold out the cold a bit longer!

With another decent and rare winter east swell pushing in at the moment, I decided to hit The Cape this morning. Hence the late report. I met up with those crazy adrenaline-seeking junkies, Mark Mathews and Sam McIntosh, who are amongst the hand full of guys that rule this place when it’s on, especially when paddling in and that’s what they chose to do today. The onshore was up early unfortunately, so it wasn’t that great but the boys made the most of it, as they do.

This looks like the last day of this demon southerly. Hopefully there will be something better on the beaches during the next few days. Today is just another right off.


Update 23rd July 2012

2 words – 1) Onshore 2) Mush

What a shame it was to have such ordinary surf conditions today. There was nothing to entice people out of bed on this Monday morning, not even the sunshine could do it. The onshore winds have turned the surf to a messy mush-fest at 4 – 5 ft with no hope of finding a local wave worth riding today. If you are on an RDO perhaps you're better off heading to the northside for some protection out of the devil wind. Wednesday and Thursday is looking better!

If you have an event coming up get yourself a Polite Photo Booth, "Because everybody loves a photo of themselves looking super-hot." They have hit the mark on this one. I've been to a few events now that have had a Polite Booth and they get a serious work-out. Madonna has nothing compared to some of the outrageous posing that goes on inside those booths. All of the social media savvy guests can share images of themselves looking super-hot, as well as strutting away with an instant print in their pocket. If you want to create an album with a difference for your next event then get yourself hooked up with a Polite in Public Photo Booth!

Catch ya – Brad