Update 30th March2012

I was happily surprised to see some waves rolling into the bay on my drive around this morning. It looks like we have some ENE direction in it, meaning those east facing stretches of sand have a few rideable ones. About 3 ft and consistant. Tama, Bronte and Maroubra would be the pick. Forget about Bondi unless your keen for a longboard session. 

Thanks to Franck for this link to a funny video about life in Bondi….I was in stitches.

I'll be reporting next week from Bali. Adios amigo's! – Brad

Update 29th March2012

It's been a busy day and my apologies for the late update. I leave for Bali on Sunday and I'm running around making sure I've crossed off all those dreaded items on the to do list! I did manage a swim though and I thought that I would share it with you. It's a whole other world under the water. As you may already know. There isn't much of a wave out there today. Mal riders only! 

I hope you have managed to get outside and enjoy the sun, light winds and even the warm water. 

I am starting to get super excited for Bali and the Maldives – Thanks to Perfect Wave Travel….Yes back to back trips!  I have to say I've earned it!

Enjoy that arvo dip! – Brad

Update 28th March 2012

Grey and gloomy out there today folks. The extended daylight saving time difference is making for late sunrises and it was dark until almost 7am this morning.

The nor’easter was up early too, making Bondi the cleanest option for a surf. The waves are still small but every now and then a little south ground swell pops up and moves through. It is predicted to increase a little for a few hours this afternoon, so keep an eye on it. It may be the only swell window we get this week.

Our Macpherson Street gallery in Bronte is open today and right through until 4pm Sunday. We have some new pics on the walls and a bunch of other goodies that would make an awesome present for someone special. So come down, grab a coffee and check out some of our best shots.

Ok, we know you like the links we pop in to these reports. We received a few emails about yesterdays ‘Wipeout TV show’ link. I’m sure you have seen this version too. It was kindly sent in to us by Trav and it’s from the original Japanese show that was probably the inspiration for Wipeout. It is way more dangerous for the competitors and the voice over is hilarious! Take a peek.


Update 27th March 2012

It is all about being young, or young at heart. For without that at least, you’re old before you get there!

After driving from Bondi to Bronte and stopping to shoot a few frames of the sunrise over Tamarama, I threw the camera in the housing and hit the water at Bronte. It was too nice a morning to not get wet.

It’s pretty small out there but way cleaner than yesterday. A large contingent of Bronte groms were out in the line up, paddling rings around the few keen older guys who had made the effort to try and surf the tiny peaks breaking in the middle of the beach.

World Tour pro, Tom Witaker was watching the action while having a coffee with a few of his local lifeguard mates. Tom just kicked Kelly Slater’s ass in Margaret River and that is no mean feat! To have a local guy of his standard just hanging around and watching you surf, only ensures the standard of our younger crew remains high.

I was looking for a big wave wipeout link to put up today and came across this best of clip from the TV show Wipeout instead. Why do we find it so amusing seeing people getting smashed? Take a look and find out.


Update 26th March 2012

After a few amazingly clear and sunny days at the end of last week, the last couple have moved back into, what has been, our usual mixed bag of cloud, some rain and sunny breaks. It must have rained a fair bit early this morning before first light, as the roads were glistening and wet when I arrived at the beach at 6:30 am.

The swell is still struggling around the 2 foot mark and the light onshore wind is making the surf a little mushy and hard to ride, especially if you are 80 plus kilo’s and like to ride a regular short board. There were still a few of you out there this morning struggling, while trying to link a bumpy ride through to the beach. Those lightweight groms were all ripping like it was twice the size! If only you could shrink yourself on these small days.

I came across this video of some very adventurous lightweights, dicing with some pretty heavy storm surf conditions. It makes the rail hang at Bronte or Bondi baths look kind of tame in comparison.

See you tomorrow, with hopefully some better news on surf… But don’t hold your breath. The forecast looks ordinary.