Up-date 31st March 2014

''Why aren't you taking me out ?! What have I done to you ?! I thought you were in love with me ! You said you were passionate about me, but you're not !''

My camera kept loosing its sh*t with me all last week. She gave me the hardest time, and this is what I had to deal with all week last week. I tried to explain:

– ''because I love you so much, I can't take you outside, you'll get wet, and you might get sick. And I love you so much that I don't want you to get sick.'' 

– ''yes, but what about all the Frothers ?!''

– ''what about them ?''

– ''Well, they'll be waiting for an up-date and get nothing ! I want you to take me out and shoot. You make me feel ugly right now, keeping me in the dark, in this bag, squeezed between a filter and a lens. Those guys don't speak the same language and have no conversation anyway ! Take me out or kill me now !''

…not easy to manage I tell you ! Cameras are high maintenance…

So today, I made her happy. Finally a ray of sun. Finally a bit of dry on a week day. 

Surf is small, very small even, but there was enough to slide and glide. Hopefully the rain will stay away for a bit (…but it does not look like so, unfortunately).

I hope you enjoyed the last couple of days. It was Summer again, and it was gooood !

Have a nice day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

PS: Happy b'day Mum, Tracy and Jay (comme la bay)

Up-date 25th March 2014

After this way too long episode of bad weather (24 hours, give or take), we're back to Australian weather standards. Warm & blue.

This morning I decided to work in a ''serie mode''. All slow. Super slow even. Trying to bring something a little different. From my eagle's nest vantage point, I slowed things right down.

There were some fun ones this morning. Tama and Bronte were the pick, if you want my opinion (which I give you anyway…;)).

It's blue, the water is still warm, and clear. The slight stormy overcast of the morning has now dissipated. It's is the total opposite of yesterday. I hope you can get a few at some point.

Enjoy the day. 4 days to go to the weekend. Chins up !


Up-date 24th March 2014

What an awful start of the day today ! The rain has kept everyone off the beach, and the late sunrise does not allow many of us to stick around for long enough…so it seems that we head to work early, hoping to get out of work early as well, huh ?

It was pouring down at sunrise ! Cats & dogs ! Even to get that 1 shot, I struggled with the tripod in one hand, the umbrella in the other: it was messy…

The surf, however was looking alright, and unusually uncrowded. If you wanted to score ok waves with no one, then this morning was a good pick in Bondi ! I haven't been able to check Bronte and Tama, but I'd say the same thing… 

I decided to show fresh images from yesterday. I took a little road trip with Joel ''Yeww-man'' Pilgrim, one of the key leaders of the OneWave crew, and we went up the coast to Avoca and Copacabana, homeland of local hero Matt Wilko. Copacabana got some nice waves, and the clearest water I've seen in a while, but I selfishly decided to leave the camera in the car and get a few myself.

Have a nice day. Work heaps. And don't think about this weather too much: it's gonna be average most of the week anyway…But if the forecast doesn't change as we get into this week, we could have another weekend of Summer weather this week ! Fingers crossed !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 21st March 2014

Throwback Sunday, when the swell was pumping and the rails were smoking !

But wait, this could be a reality soon again. We could be in for round 2 ! 

Sunday, choose the North protected corners or South East facing beaches, and you could score some nice little waves (15 sec period !). Monday could be quite something again ! But this time, go for the South protected corners.

This morning, they were waves in Bondi. Small but rideable. But the most impressive thing I saw was the Fluro Friday crew: hundreds of them ! Surfing, SUPing in business suits, doing fancy yogi moves on the beach, etc…This crew does put a big smile on everyone's face. Well done guys !

I wish I could have shown you some shots, but the cameras have been getting a necessary and long overdue cleaning (which is why there has not been any update in the last couple of days): they do not like the salt water sprays and the ocean mist. And rust is the camera's worst enemy.

If you like skateboarding, and even if you're not a big fan, watch this ! It could be called ''the bigger the merrier'', or something like that. It is insane !

Have a great weekend ! I hope you score…


Up-date 18th March 2014

Today is a lot cruisier than in the last couple of days. A good day to get some waves without risking to break your board. You just have to avoid the frequent close-outs (the tide might help a bit as the day goes)

And the little bonus: it's sunny, super warm. A very inviting day to roam around the beach…

Before sunrise, we're down to 15 degrees though. We can feel the season has changed, but if you can take the later shift, from 8am onwards, it's beautiful.

Have a great day, and keep an eye on the forecast for Sunday and Monday. We could be in for another nice swell.

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)