Update 31st May 2012

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I was here, there and everywhere this morning, before I finally decided to throw a wetsuit on and have a swim with the camera. I checked Bronte, Tama and Bondi and I was amazed at how average the waves were. To confirm my thoughts lifeguard Luke Daniels sent me a text saying "Wow, it's bad!" Hopefully it was just because of the 10:06 low tide. Things may improve throughout the day as the tide fills in and the swell picks up (19 sec period) but, with the sandbanks looking the way they are, I can't see anything spectacular unfolding. 

I ended up at Bronte in the end and hit up the reef. As expected it was very average but I managed to get a couple funky shots! I've been itching to get in the water and shoot. I had to borrow Billy's gear as my new Nikon D4$ is still on back order. Oh, when will I have my new weapon! I can't wait. 

See you tomorrow, hopefully with some better waves! – Brad

Update 30th May 2012

There were some great responses to our Carve Eyewear giveaway competition yesterday. All the daily winners from this week will be announced next Monday and you still have 3 more chances to win this week!

Ok, today's question for the chance to win another pair of groovy Carve sunnies is;  Which Carve team rider sufferers from the mild autistic condition known as 'Asperger's Syndrome'? And when was he last in Australia?

It seems to be clearing up outside at the moment. The sun hasn't been co-operating with me this week on my early rounds of the beaches. It waits until I get home and then decides to pop out and brighten the place up. Oh well, at least I might get the washing dry.

I know you guys love a good wipeout clip and this one is a beauty! South African Grant 'Twiggy' Baker talks you through his close to death experience at the world's worst big wave to fall on – 'Jaws' in Maui. Click HERE for a look.

Have a good one!


Update 29th June 2012

The wonderful people at Carve have given us 5 pairs of amazing sunglasses to give away this week. To win today's pair, all you have to do is go HERE, find their eyewear range and tell us which model they make which refers to us and why you think that name also describes you. Best answer wins. Easy!

Well, today is a little gloomy folks and pulling on the wetsuit for the early is becoming more of an effort. You can always take the easy way out of coarse, sleep in and then get to work or school and wonder why your mate has a spring in his step and a bigger smile on his face. More than likely, he was the one who caught a wave this morning.

The swell a little disjointed but it's 4 feet and offshore right now. The water is still nice but you can feel the temperature dropping  and it won't be long before we find out who the really keen are amongst us.

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Update 28th May 2012

Arriving at Bronte, seeing the blown out chops on the water surface, I thought ''…well, for your second report, you won't get many good action shots. Damn!'' And, I was right! Just a few dared to go for an early at Bronte today – with the surf still choppy, the set sizes a bit unpredictable and waves that are often closing out. You will have to wait until the winds ease, starting from mid-week, to ride anything decent. Patience…

Looking at the bright side, I got to see an amazing sunrise again this morning. It was even more amazing when I saw Flipper and his mates playing along in the surf between Tama and Bronte. Actually, I'm lying. I am not the one who saw them first, but a smiley lady (and a Frothers' fan apparently) did and was kind enough to share her discovery. The dolphins were playing, surfing and swimming around, bathed in the warm morning light. To have the life of a dolphin, with no concerns about the new work week starting, trying to get the kids ready for school, nor about their mortgage, heartache, taxes, or traffic jams. Happy as!

Well, I now have to get to work before the traffic becomes too crazy. Somedays, I wish I was a dolphin.

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Have a good one.


Update 25th May 2012

I woke up early today, courtesy of a hungry pussy…cat, and was up and at 'em before the sun rose. I decided to get over to Coogee and was surprised by the hive of activity there. The beach was alive with boot-campers who didn't seem deterred by the drizzle as they zig-zagged, sprinted and dragged themselves all over the sand.

While the beach was buzzing the ocean wasn't quite firing. A NE windswell came up over night but it is still only tiny. Wave quality is low and you'll be struggling to find a wave worth riding this morning. There is a chance the windswell will jack up a little bit, before the arrival of a new S groundswell which is due to pick the waves up for Sunday and Monday.

With nothing much in the way of waves there were a lot of people pounding the concrete instead this morning. I ran into Richie Vass getting ready for a training session, with a couple of fights on the radar he's staying fit. But, beware, I also ran into some not-so-familiar faces and there were a few 'interesting' characters lurking down at Coogee before sun-up. Get amongst it – if you dare!

Have an unreal weekend – Brad.