Update 29th September 2011

I was expecting complete kaos this morning. Instead the ocean was calm and cleanly brushed by a light westerly. It must be the calm before the storm.

The rain has stopped for the moment but the sky is still dark and threatening. Deep puddles line the streets and walkways at the beach, reflecting movement against the gloomy clouds. Shapes of people – surfers, walkers, runners flash past where I stand watching the surf. Its still raining out at sea.

Bondi was again a little disjointed on the high tide with a wobbly 4 foot left peeling into the south corner. A dozen or so surfers were making the most of a cleaner right-hander breaking opposite the lifeguard tower in the middle of the beach. It looked the best option.

The swell is dead east, so I dashed over to Maroubra to snap a few quick ones before opening the gallery at 10am. It was a little full but clean and touch bigger than Bondi. The Bra loves this direction swell and with the dropping tide its my tip for a lunch time surf, if you're keen to get wet.

There is still a buzz in the air about the crazy Teahupoo session that went down a few weeks ago. If you wish to see the wave that will probably take out this years Biggest Tube Award. Check out this crazy interview of madman – Nathan Fletcher. He definitely has a screw loose! 

Have a great day. Watch out for that wind!

Bill Morris

Update 28th September 2011

Good morning! There's some fun 2ft E waves still hanging around town. Although a little bit on the fat burger side early. The NW wind is making conditions very nice indeed however expect it to pick up after lunch for a gusty afternoon. Tama had a bit of a shorey happening and so did Bronte. Bondi looked good for a longboard session.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has put a shout out to the local community for blood donations at Bondi from today until Friday. They need to collect over 45 donations per day just to meet hospital demands and there are appointments still available. In particular they are running very low on O and A blood types. If your interested in helping out call 131495 or email: [email protected] to book in.

Have a great day – Brad

Update 27th September 2011

I had dreams of waking to fun waves for some odd reason last night. Instead there was an epic sunrise and only average waves! Maybe it was the expected change in wind back to the favored NW and sunny conditions that had me all excited for sick waves! Unfortunately it's still junky and ruffled up and hitting the 2 – 3ft mark out of the East. The banks have shifted and it might take a day or two for it to work itself out. In saying that Bondi was still packed full of frothers eager to get a wave in before work. Make the most of it because the rain will be back tomorrow and Thursday!

If you have some time on your hands check out this old school video I found of Bare Island at La Perouse from the good old days while searching the net. It's worth a look. Some cool tunes in it too! Bare Island is located at the entrance of Botany Bay for those that don't know and was named by Captain James Cook.

The gallery is open today and we are located at 145C Macpherson St Bronte. We are getting geared up for xmas so stay tuned!

Have a great day – Brad

Update 26th September 2011

There is a bad hangover effecting Sydney's beachies today. The howling ESE winds that blew all weekend have made a mess of things today. It is not even worth a look. The only chance of something ride-able is if you venture to the safe haven of North Bondi, but don't expect anything that will get your froth on!

Rob Gray is in the Maldives shooting for Perfect Wave Surf Travel at the moment and we're lucky to have a few shots and words from Rob about the trip so far – "So after a long journey of 3 different planes over 20 hours and 10 hours waiting at the airport for the rest of the team to arrive, we finally got on board the Haira on Saturday night.
And the team were excited to say the least and after the quick safety briefing the first question was, what time is the first session?
So everyone was up at 6 and getting their boards ready for a 7am start.
We arrived only to find that the surf was a little small 1-2 but no other boats so after a quick breakfast out we went, then it built through the day to around 3 foot and I managed to get a good surf in before Beer o'clock.
Swell is meant to pick up today so here's hoping that huey sends us the goods.
Will check back in when the swell picks up!

We'll keep you updated as they look for waves on board "Haira" in the Maldives. In the mean time have a great day. Things can only get better for us on the wave front! – Cheers Brad

Update 23rd September 2011

The waves are miniscule today and, due to work commitments, Brad and I were unable to shoot early. So instead I thought I would give you a little showing of a few of my favorites from the past and, believe me, it's hard picking just a few. A couple of these images actually hang in our gallery at Bronte.

Inspiration: "The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something." It would be a pretty drab world without it. So many of the things we love rely on it, like music, art and of course great photography.

Expressive and imaginative behaviour requires a key – being able to put yourself in a mental state where you are totally into what you are doing. It's not always easy but when you find this place the switch gets flicked and you feel totally in tune, relaxed and confident. Everything seems to flow and come together easily. Getting locked into mundane paths can stifle inspiration. So no matter what floats your boat, don’t lose sight of it. Make the effort. Live your dream.

Have a great weekend and if you are up Macpherson Street way our gallery will be open between 10am and 5pm today, Saturday and Sunday.

Bill Morris