Update 31st July 2013

This morning you will find our beaches effected by last nights storms that moved through resulting in 2 – 3 ft of south wind swell today. It didn't look the best at Maroubra. There were only a few keen beans in the water making the most of it. It was hard to nail a good one – you had to be in the right place at the right time sort of thing. It didn't look like any of that was happening at all for the crew that were out. 

Not long now till we have a good little swell on our hands from the ENE. It looks like Friday is shaping up nicely. It should be 4 ft or so with a NW wind keeping it all tidy. Saturday will be bigger but flanked with a SW wind. Either way things are looking good. 

Enjoy the day… Brad 😉

Up-date 30th July 2013

The early birds of this life experience sometimes the best of what mornings can offer. Today was one of those. Colours, waves, winter warmth and dolphins. What else could we ask for (…except an extra foot of swell) ? This made my life very difficult in choosing shots to put up.

Given the lack of time this morning, I decided to set camp with all the gear on the South corner. Not only because it offers one of the best view you can get on a sunrise in Bondi, hence why most yogis and Tai Chee masters have made it their morning HQ, but also because that’s where the best wave currently breaks in Bondi. This little right hander was quite nice a cruisy this morning. It might just disappear as the tide rises though.

(Solid) Swell’s on the way for the weekend, but we should get waves all week, and days are stretching again. All good news.

Enjoy the day.

Franck (insty: @franckgazzola)

Update 29th July 2013

Warm winter conditions returned to Sydney again today, thanks to some summer-ish like north winds that blew in over the weekend. July has been such a nice month.

Temps should be close to 20c today but with a south change due tomorrow afternoon, make the most of it, summer isn’t hanging around for long.

The swell has finally backed right off to around 2 feet, with Maroubra being your best bet for a wave with the occasional 3 foot set and definitely worth a paddle.

Have a great week!


Update 25th July 2013

Please excuse the late update this morning. But I had to go and sample a few of these awesome waves for myself this morning. 

I headed over to Maroubra to check out the NSW State Junior Titles this morning. I knew there would be a few young groms absolutely ripping it. I wasn't disappointed as on almost every wave someone was busting fins or taking to the air. All I can say is that the future of Australian surfing is looking bright. I am sure there was a future world champ in the mix somewhere.

The swell backed off over night – but Maroubra looked so good that even I, with a brand new bub to look after plus the upload of the daily images and the job of writing the report decided to get out in the water. That is the 2nd surf in 10 weeks now. I'm going great huh! 

Enjoy the day – Brad Malyon 😉

Update 24th July 2013

It was dismal out there this morning. A brisk south change moved through over night, turning the coastline into a wintry, ghost town again. We can’t really complain, it’s been a dream run as far as weather goes so far.

The surf has picked up to around the 6 foot mark, though it’s a mess with this strong wind blowing.

The only surfer I saw this morning was swimming in from outside the Ice Bergs. I actually thought it was some crazy swimmer trying to do a lap of the beach, until I saw the poor fella’s broken board washing in on the shore.

There are a few big rights out Bronte for the harder core surfer but it’s pretty much victory at sea conditions right now. Not too bad a day to be in the office.