Update 29th July 2011

It was no secret that there were going to be waves this morning in the 3 – 4ft range. Everyone was on it early in the South corner at Bondi. It's probably the only real bank around in the East at the moment. It must be, because Mark Mathews and John Gannon were out there this morning meaning Maroubra must not have been great and Tama and Bronte looked really full on the early high. I didn't see anything worth hooting over but there is the odd left and right out there. Worth a paddle for sure.

The word was that late last night Bondi was pumping. Hence the crowded jungle this morning. I missed it! Can't wait for more light in the day so i can actually get a wave in. Come on summer! All in all its an ideal day to get wet. You will be battling the crowds if you head to Bondi that's for sure. The swell will back off over the weekend. So today is your day. Make the most of it. 

Don't forget Johannes Leak is having his Surface Exhibition at the Beach Rd Hotel starting tonight. He is one talented human. Make sure you get there early to claim one of his works! Keep your eyes off the Muhammad Ali piece. 

Have a great weekend – Brad

Update 27th July 2011

Today dawned cold and dark. The wind a little more around the compass into the SW direction, insuring you knew it was still winter in Sydney. The amazing run of swell is still with us though. Not as clean and perfect as the last 3 days of beautifully brushed westerly wind conditions but still offshore in any case. With the swell more south Bondi was copping the full 3-4 feet of it. Plenty of surfers up early as well, eager to get amongst it before work. Why not. Better than sleeping your life away.

The outlook for the rest of the week looks good with more waves forecast. Swell will turn even further south with an increase in the period, so we should see some straighter lines again. Light winds are predicted also. 

Wax up and have a great day.

Bill Morris

Frother Update 26th July 2011

Just a quick update this morning folks. I went to Maroubra for a little peak and was surprised to see some nice waves coming through. It's 3ft from the SE and conditions are ideal again with light W winds fluffing up the wave face nicely. Get your froth on and get out there. It's an amazing day!

The Froth gallery is open today 145C Macpherson St Bronte. Come and stick your head in and say g'day.

Cheers – Brad

Update 25th July 2011

What a great morning out there! The swell has backed off as expected and today we are left with a good 3 – 4ft of east swell. The wind is ideal, blowing light from the NW and on the drive around I noticed not too many heads in the line up. At most of the beaches the sand has shifted around a lot revealing a nice right at Bondi and at times an ok left off of it, making Bondi the pick of the bunch today.

Yesterday was a hectic day for me as I filled in for Kobi Graham performing Water Safety for the Storm Surfers' series, at Cape Solander. The series features Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke Jones as they travel to and surf some of the most insane breaks in Australia. Ours regular Mark Matthews showed Tom and Ross the ropes and of course I had my camera at the ready to capture some of the action. Luckily for all of you frothers Bill was out there too and for more Ours pics you can click here

Have a good one, Brad.

Update 22nd July 2011

It's easy surfing your local spot in winter. For most, it's only minutes from home. You can get up later and take your time. You can drive down to the beach & back in your steamer, straight into a hot shower. No getting changed in a freezing carpark or muddy bush track. Yep! Home is always a soft option.

But sometimes you have to look further afield. When you can't bare how bad the banks are any more, or when the swell is too big (or small) to make your beach do-able. Today is one of those days and it's not looking much better until Sunday, when the winds should improve. It's certainly an extreme day today – wet, windy and huge thanks to a deep low pressure sitting practically on top of us.

There aren’t many choices on days like this. The closest big wave that could be handling is just over the bridge at Manly. Deadmans is a slabby ledge just out from Fairy Bower, at Manly. When we arrive it isn't epic and after watching a few 8 foot sets we decided to head back home to the Southside to pick up some smaller boards and check out a few smaller, protected options in these atrocious conditions. At least I can take the soft option and drive home in my wetsuit if I feel the need.

Be careful out there and have a great weekend.

Cheers – Bill Morris