Up-date 29th September 2014

28. Yes, 28 ! Only 2 degrees short of 30…

This week is going to be the first taste of Summer. I'm actually doubting the weatherman who says it's going to hit 33 tomorrow arvo. It's going to be sickie-land tomorrow in the Eastern Suburbs !

Suf is small today, but fun nonetheless if your focus is not just on the waves but also on the social aspect of it and the pleasure of being surrounded by the elements. And talking about the elements: what a sunrise ! Now, I have to admit, being up for the pink clouds is a bit of a strech at the moment, with the light show starting around the 5:20am mark, but hey…it's worth it !

Have a great day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 25th September 2014

What a difference can 24hours make.

Today is grey and wet. But what about yesterday ! What a cracker !

So, looking at the forecast, I decided yesterday arvo that I would cheer you up with blue sky and clear water.

But don't worry, this rainy episode should be brief, and you'll be able to work on your bronze coating soon.

Tomorrow, the new best shop in Bronte is opening: Cali Press ! Amazing cold press juices, fresh as. The recipes are amazing. I must say I pinched a few discretely when leaving the shop last night during the VIP opening night. Freshly made healthy juices, great coffee and food that is good for you, is what you will find there. Give it a crack. They open tomorrow morning at 7am, at 140B McPherson Street, Bronte.

Have a great day, People of the beach !


Up-date 23rd September 2014

It felt like Summer was about to switch on this morning. The beach was packed, in and out of the water. The Sun was amazingly warm and intense, already at 6:30.

Only the swell and the wetties gave Spring away. 2ft at North Bondi, 3-4ft+ on the South end, it doesn't look like a Summer swell neither. Bondi was fun – a bit wobbly with the high tide though -, yet by far the most consistent over its 2 neighbors. But if you need a bit of peace and quiet, then Tama and Bronte should be your pick. There are waves to be had over there.

The swell should drop off a notch tomorrow, but the sun should still be out (23). So I recommend you try to pull out a sickie from your hat, because the rest of the week doesn't look too glorious.

Have a great day !


Up-date 19th September 2014

While JJF was smashing it in Cali, showing everyone how it's done, but leaving the victory go to Jordy Smith, we have some pretty decent conditions in our Eastern Suburbs.

It's not perfect, but the winds are still favorable, and a little less chilly than the last couple of day. There is fun to be had out there.

The rips are quite active, so be careful when you go swimming. I struggled a bit to get and stay in position this morning.

Getting in, I bumped into the crazy outfits and the all time smiles of the Fluro crew. Those guys are such a good vibe magnet !

The weekend is looking promising, but the wind is turning a little more South, so you might want to look for South protected corners, and I'm sure you'll find something decent to surf.

Have a great weekend !


Up-date 17th September 2014

Now we're talking ! What a morning: offshore winds, clean fun waves (2-4ft), and a bright warm sun. Winning combo !

The forecasted South swell has arrived on the dot (must be coming from Switzerland). With it, came favorable winds. And with those, came the crowd.

There was a training this morning on the South end of the beach to feature in the Guiness Book of Records: the most number of surfers taking off on a wave. I think we're close to breaking the record and make Bondi Beach even more famous than it already is.

This swell is due to stay a few days, so there should be plenty of waves to be enjoyed until at least Sunday. You'll just have to monitor what the winds are doing to pick your spot accordingly.

Have a good day, and I hope you'll get a few waves today. Wait till water drops a notch, and that should be pretty fun !