Update 21st July 2011

The wild weather is still with us and the coast is currently being bombed by a large south east swell.

Winds are still howling up to 45km/hr from the south which is limiting options for surfers again today. After staring at the swell forecast all day yesterday I decided to hit the road in search of some clean pumping surf. When we arrived at our spot on first light we gazed through the pouring rain to see epic 6-8ft pits.

Rain is definitely not a surf photographer's best friend. I sat and I waited for hours this morning in the hope that the clouds would clear even for a brief moment but no luck. The rain showed no indications of letting up even for a couple of minutes. So unfortunately I couldn't get out in the lineup to capture you some shots this morning.

Hopefully you can find a spot out of the wind and get a surf in today. For now, enjoy these images I shot during recent weeks and the magical run of south swell.

Have a great day and stay dry – Nick Sheffield 

Update 20th July 2011

Miserable is one word to describe the weather today yet I saw people running the coastal track, swimming at the Bergs and even a handful of windsurfers were making the most of this howling wind at Bondi. All of whom were maintaining that positive attitude some of us struggle with through the dark and gloom of winter. Unfortunately the big wet is with us for the rest of the week at least, so I suggest acquiring a good umbrella to see it through. 

Friday still looks to be the peak of this swell. They are calling 10 – 12 ft boomers, but the SSW wind will be howling so best to go looking for a protected nook and cranny up or down the coast. 

If you need shelter today why not drop into the Frothers Gallery located at Bronte Top Shops, on Macpherson St.

Stay dry – Brad

Update 19th July 2011

The calm before the storm. I would have put money on it being windy and rainy this morning. I would have lost. It was beautiful! It won't stay this way for too long and it should get quite ugly by this evening, but right now it's light off shore with mainly clear skies and a nice little 1 to 2 foot south swell running.

Bondi was the pick, having a variety of small peaks along the beach. The south corner was the best, a wedging left wrapping the sand bar on the edge of the rip with a small crew of locals dominating the peak. Luke Kennedy was one, his backhand in tune, snapping tight in the pocket and pig dogging his way through some hollow little pits.

The swell forecast looks good with more size on the way. It will be out of the south again and the wind may be a problem for most places, looking quite strong from the south as well. No complaints. Crowds are down and the water is still quite warm.

Winter is the time for real surfing. Don’t waste a moment.


Bill Morris

Update 18th July 2011

Well, it was the Robin Austin show at Bondi this morning. He was absolutely ruling the 2 – 3ft left hander off third ramp. (Looks like that AH is going well for you mate – just like mine!) There are still waves around, but Bondi is for sure the pick today with plenty of options down there due to the way the sand is placed at the moment- two lefts and a right are on offer. Though, as always you will have to time it with the tides and it is going to turn small until Thursday so get out there!

We've posted a whole bunch of shots from the swell at Bronte last week. So if you were out there we may just have got a doozey of you. CLICK HERE

Cheers, Brad.

Update 15th July 2011

Freezing Frothers' Friday! The south west wind was chomping down on anyone who made the brave move to exit from the warmth of their doona this morning. Down at “The Di” there were runners and walkers, a few mad swimmers, even some skaters on the ice rink but by 7:15am I only spotted one lone surfer out at the north end of the beach. There was the odd hollow 4 foot left at 3rd ramp and even a few bigger rights out The Barrier, but no one wanted any of it this morning. I guarantee if it was summer it would have been packed!

As I drove around the corner to MacKenzies and laid eyes on Bronte in the distance, a dozen wetsuit caddied specs dotted the crazy sand bar that stretches way outside the regular wave zone. Bronte isn’t always that good but right now it's making up for it big time, having produced some amazing moments over the last week. It's not as clean today and the wind will turn onshore eventually but with low tide at lunch time it will still be pumping and worth a surf.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Bill Morris