Update Wednesday 24th August

It's a great morning people! Those crappy east winds have disappeared and a nice light off shore has moved in to take its place. First light revealed 3-4 foot of ESE swell and surfers began to appear from everywhere again and like bees to the hive, they know the sweet smell of good waves . Thank God the honey is back on tap!

Bondi Boardriders have issued another challenge to a rival club this weekend. Dee Why has decided to risk their pride and take them on. BBR has disposed of  Werri and Avoca in their last 2 encounters and I'd be putting my money on Bondi to continue their roll on the Northside. Check out the Bondi Boardriders in action in this week's Frothers Video update (hiding on lower right-hand side of homepage).

The banks have been slowly improving on the Southside beaches again with Maroubra coming alive with some punchy, wedging rights in the north corner yesterday evening and I've thrown a couple in the mix this morning for you to check out. 

Try and get wet today if you can, it looks like the conditions will deteriorate with a drop in swell and winds into the north tomorrow. 


Bill Morris

Update 23rd August 2011

The smell of the ocean was wafting through my window on first light and I knew immediately it hadnt gone off shore over night. The damp road outside showed evidence of some early rain but the sky was semi clear, mottled in a patchwork of blue and grey. 

These on shores are depressing. There wasn't a surfer in sight on any of the beaches again until I got to Maroubra, where 3 guys were battling the 3-4 ft of bumpy east swell slop in the south corner. There was actually a half decent right hander next to the reef every now and again but nothing to write home about. A few rare winter bluebottle were also scattered along the shore. Another blessing of these moderate easterly winds that are plaguing us at the moment. If you're working, there is nothing to worry about because you certainly ain't missing anything down at the beach today!

Looks like it could be offshore tomorrow morning for a little while, which may make for some better conditions but the uneven wave surface will probably still remain. At least it should keep the bluey's at bay for a while.

Have a great day where ever you are. I'll be back tomorrow for a further update on conditions.


Bill Morris

Update 22nd August 2011

What a great weekend we just had, everyone was all doom and gloom about forecasted rain and wind but it ended up being a cracker. Shame the waves weren't a bit better for the Bondi Board Riders though! While the sun is shining today the surf conditions are dismal. Straight onshore winds blew in all night making a complete mess of things. We have 4ft of dog's breakfast on the plate today and it doesn't look like getting any better through the week as the forecast suggests. I struggled to capture anything resembling a surfer on a wave this morning, but I managed to get a few shots of locals getting up to other things this morning. Bronte pool is where it's at today. It's protected from the wind and the sun will heat things up enough for you to venture in for a dip. 

Billabong Pro in Tahiti is off for the day. If you're bored you can still click on and catch up on all the action as well as read about the swell that's headed their way. Ooh yeah!

Enjoy your day! Brad

Update 19th August 2011

It was a hard one shooting down there this morning. Cold, wet and windy. The sunrise provided only a glimmer of hope of better weather today but to no avail. I was going to have a swim with the camera but as soon as someone filled me in on the water temp of 16 degrees I quickly dismissed that idea. The 2/2 short arm isn't cutting the mustard anymore. There's waves but it looks to have lost its punch. The left in the south corner of Bondi is still the pick but there is a few more options developing towards middle.

We are in for a crappy weekend weather wise. Onshore wind howling from the south east stirring up the pond. Make a trip to either Manly or a protected reef break about an 1 hr south. Could be a bit of all right if you land at the right spot.

It's my old mans Birthday today. His name is Ian and is as ocka Aussie as they come. He's well into retirement and loving life travelling overseas – (spending all our inheritance! Haha) His first trip O/S was only last year –  Have a great day Papa Smurf!

Have a look HERE to see what the waves can be like in Japan every now and then. Amazing!

The gallery is open all weekend right next door to the best bread shop in the world "Iggy's" – 145C Macpherson St Bronte

All the best – Brad

Update 18th August 2011

The forecast was for the showers to ease this morning, but I didn't expect to see so much sunshine. It sure was a good surprise. Not a picture perfect morning, with a bit of dark cloud hovering around but who's complaining? We have waves in the 3-4ft range and the winds are offshore out of the NW.

Due to there being 2 swell directions in the mix today (SE & NE) I thought it would be a good idea to suss Maroubra. At 7am there weren't too many people out in the lineup. Things were pretty unorganised and shifty but there was the odd right hander if you were in the right position. 

Back to Bondi and things seemed to be a little slow down there also. Really shifty and alot of waves just not hitting the bank properly. However as the morning progressed things cleaned up a little and if you picked the right waves, there were some fun walls to be had. Jarrah Tutton and Luke Kennedy made the most of it and showed everyone that there were some diamonds in amongst the rough. 

That's a wrap on this morning, hopefully you can get your wave fix for the day.

Have a good one – Nick Sheffield